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  1. Try MacGPS Pro it works for me with my GarminGPSmap 60CSX http://www.macgpspro.com/html/newhtml/macg...o/features.html how are you uploading a fully-readable GPX file. I have MacGPS Pro.
  2. I have a Zumo 450, I have the same problem with MacCaching
  3. what is the correct format? Any certain language?
  4. I tinkerd with it, but it won't recognize my GPS I get numerous error messages about it not being able to claim the interface. Seems other zumo users are having issues with MacCaching
  5. I dont have a nuvi, or a PC. I'm on a mac.
  6. I am fed up with having to seriously overhaul and edit those GPX eXchange files! CRAZY GARMIN! I have a zumo 450 and when I upload the .gpx files (xml code) The only information displayed is the name, type of cache, and difficulty/terrain. Missing are the long and short descriptions, clue, and logs. I have to manual copy/paste all of that information into the <desc> tags. Anything below the first <desc> tag doesn't seem to work. It takes about 5min PER GPX file to edit that info. Anyone know of a more simple resolution to seeing ALL of the info contained in the GPX file? whew. Thanks in advance! - jeremy
  7. I want to write a "please let us geocache in here" letter to the park superintendant in the park I wish to cache in. Does anyone have some type of template for a letter such as this or have previously written a premission letter they wouldn't mind me plagiarizing - jeremy
  8. Wanted: Automotive mount for use with my Garmin Zumo. I understand this may be the same one for the Rino too. Used prefferably to keep cost low. This one has the integrated speaker in it. Anyone?
  9. I am having the street name problem as well. I'm suprised not more people are mentioning it. Any cure for this problem other than waiting for Garmin to release a newer version of bobcat? - jeremy
  10. This trick does NOT work on the Garmin Zumo 450. Even with different file names, it still appears as one huge list under Custom POI's. I have two files, Caches.gpx and another Jeremys.gpx. The unit smushes them to be displayed together. I also learned that you cannot create a subfolder within a subfolder. POI load wont recognize it. - jeremy OSX 10.5 Garmin Zumo 450/ Garmin GPS V
  11. What about STATE parks? Do the same rules apply with placing caches as national parks? I'd like to place some (4/3) caches with a mile hike to them but finding that kind of area without someones house or fence on it is HARD these days. - jeremy
  12. My Garmin Zumo will not recognize anything in a Groundspeak tag. Ever heard of that before? It's a minor inconvienance that I have to edit every GPX file before I can upload it. - jeremy OSX 10.5 - Zumo 450
  13. weigle

    Membership Issue

    I'm having the same problem except my membership lasted about 20min before it reverted to BASIC again. I was hoping to download a bunch of GPX files but only snagged 2 before the mystery began. I've emailed contact@Groundspeak and used the online form. Still awaiting a response. . . Hasn't been too long yet. Paypal reports no problems, and the subscription ID has been entered into the website. Anyone else had this issue with auto-cancellation within a few minutes? Seems strange.
  14. I just started geocaching a few days ago and LOVE it - I'm hooked with only 4 finds under my belt. I wanted to place my own cache in a national park which is close to my home but I read that national parks are off-limits. Why? Has there been some issues with the NPS? Have they made a statement about geocachers? Do they consider it littering? Obviously it's not a trespassing issue since you have free-reign in the parks unless otherwise posted. Anyone else been hiking and seen that you could have picked up a garbage bag full of trash within a mile? Seems like the NPS would ENCOURAGE the Cache In - Trash Out campaigne. any thoughts?
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