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Im concidering publishing a travel bug with an attatched book where people could draw or write anything they want in it; poems, art, or just a simple "Hello". And i would try to encourage users to take pictures of the book's content if they have a chance.


What do you guys think of this? Is it a good idea? One problem i was thinking is its waterproofness, but i think a foodbag of some sort might help.


Any advice, or ideas would be very helpful!

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I like it. I think what would work better than a food storage bag though would be a "dry bag", you can find them where kayaking and canoe supplies are sold. I have one that I'm imagining would be perfect, even has a handle that the TB tag could easlily attach to. Good luck and have fun!!!!

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I actually retrieved one of these yesterday. It was a very small book and lots of people had written in it which is cool. But many of the pages were loose inside and it was inside of a ziplock that had been ripped up from being squeezed into small caches. I will replace the baggie but I worry about the longevity of it with the pages coming loose. :unsure:

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We recently moved a TB that was a recipe book that wanted to collect recipes from all over. It was in a zip bag, but when I took it out at home it was immediately obvious that it hadn't always been protected from moisture. It was damp and moldy inside and almost nothing that had been written in it was still legible. Plus it was REALLY stinky. It went right back in the bag, got dropped at another cache and an email sent to the owner letting them know the condition of it. If it had started out in something sturdier and more waterproof than a sandwich bag it would have made a great traveler. I was disappointed because I had gone out specifically to find it so I could read all the recipes and add some of my own. But I'm sure the owner was much more disappointed by what became of it. :rolleyes:

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