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Which program for my palm?


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We just became premium members. We have about 6 caches under our belt. What program for palm is the best. I don't want to download them all, but will if you suggest I look at them all. My palm is a few years old. It has 15M without a memory stick. I will buy a memory stick if I need to.

Thanks. Stefanie

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For a Palm, Cachemate seems to be the favorite. I've been using it right along, and it does the job nicely.


I can put all of the caches in my province on mine, with the last 5 logs, and it only takes about 8MB. That's a little over 3900 caches.


You'll have no problems with 15MB.


When asked, I always suggest an older palm for caching. They're cheap, and dropping one in a brook or onto a rock won't hurt as much as if it happened to an expensive PDA. 8MB-15MB is all kinds of memory for caches and cachemate. I also have a 2MB palm that I use...I can only load caches in a 75KM circle out from my home, because of the 2MB issue, but that's still lots for heading out for some quick caching.


Also, most of the older palms take AAA batteries, rather than having a built in battery that has to be charged.

As they get older, the built in batteries start losing their charge faster, so if you happen to forget to charge it before you head out for a day, you can get caught with a dead PDA and no way to charge it.

If it takes AAA batteries, carry 2 as spares and you'll never get stuck.

(Not a huge factor, but something worth considering)



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I bought a refurbished Palm Zire22 on eBay last year, and installed CacheMate on it. It has done the job perfectly so far. Its easy to use, stores tons of waypoint files, and has greatly increased my enjoyment of caching - love not having to print and carry all of those cache descriptions. I especially like the fact that I can set up a data base for a specified area and then download the pocket query to that data base. If I revisit that area weeks or months later, I just download a new query, load it to the Palm with Cachemate, and the data base is updated for all of the new logs. Definitely the way to go in my opinion.

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I prefer the Plucker viewer, since it presents the information in pretty much the same format as the actual cache page, with inline-pictures, table layouts, font colors ("gee, I wonder why the letters F E N C and E are in blue?" for example), etc. And, all a cache's info is presented on a single screen. You don't have to go through all the selections necessary in CacheMate, just to see the info you want. And it doesn't seem to support the 5-way navigator found on the newer Palms, so it's pretty much impossible to use without having to use the stylus. The Plucker viewer can be configured to fully work using just the navigator and keyboard.


It's display-only, but you've already got Palm's memo facility for taking any notes.

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I've used both Plucker/Spinner and Cachemate. I like them both.


I'm using Cachemate now because it plays so nicely with GSAK. I can put my PQ into GSAK and send the info to both my gps and the palm (IIIxe) in a couple of minutes with just a couple of clicks.

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