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Listing Map is Showing Markers for Hidden Waypoints!

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The Google map on the cache listing pages are showing Grey markers for all waypoints, even those listed as "Show the details of this waypoint but hide the coordinates" (the ones that show a "???" for the coordinates). The map is not showing waypoints that are totally hidden from users!


This is not a good thing!!! I looked at some of my caches, and those of others, and a smart person could find the finals of several caches without even trying!


Hopefully this is fixed soon!


(edited to provide more details)

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If only I were smart enough (or not so lazy), I could knock off some of those local ? caches.

Darn, found out about this too late. Site is down again... maintenance for this? =)


Ooh that was fast, it's back up already.

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Was that an upcoming feature to the website to display the listed (but not private / secret) waypoints on the map? I kind of liked that for the time that it was working... Saves alot of time of cutting and pasting to get an idea of where things are.

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