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want to go paperless

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I have seen the recommendations for the palm 500 and saw some on amazon. I was reading the reviews and they seemed good, when the unit first came out but the later ones were negative. Apparently there are screen problems but more improtantly cradle problems (or whatever it's called, I'm palm ignorant).


So I want to get an older unit but I want it to work. Will I be able to connect it to my new laptop with the older cables? I also read about batteries not holding a charge. Do these things take special batteries or can I use AA's? I would think that an older unit would have a battery that is pretty much shot.


I made a feeble attempt to locate info but decided I would get faster results posting here. I saw a refurbished unit and if I remember correctly a new one. Any info would be appreciated!

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I personally use a Palm Tungsten W, you can get a great deal on them at ebay. They were cellphone/pdas but now with the new technologies with cell towers they are obsolete and now are sold as high end PDAs.


Gsak is a must as well. It works seamlessly with my palm and Garmin GPSr.


Also a preimuim subscription is a must for the pocket queries.

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Thanks! I'll look into that one as well. What kind of cable connection will I need. I know it's not really a big deal and you can get adapters but still something to consider.


The Palm came with a USB Charger/Datacable and my gps is all USB as well. And USB is easy to use so its all good.


Edit: The palm runs off of internal batteries, ive had not problems with it.

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I have had my Palm m500 for more than six years and it still works great, however I am now using an m515 another cacher gave me. :D


Those are easy to read in bright sunlight, something to consider. Some Palm models like the Zire 22 and the T/X are very hard to read outside. :laughing:

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