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Getting permission from the Woodland Trust

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Try to identify the Forest Officer for the woodland where you want to place the cache and give him a call. In my case I already knew him as I had adopted 3 caches in his woods and speaking to him got things moving. One reason for delay is that a lot of WT people are not familiar with the procedure so a call and explaining what the next step is can work wonders.


You do not say how long ago you sent off the form. I left it about a month before starting to chase it up.

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Dino is right, the form is received by Sandra who is based in the central office. She then has to identify the appropriate local Forester and forward the form to this person, who then has to process the request before returning the completed form with a decision to Sandra, the cacher making the request and myself.


They have to prioritise their workloads, so a request for permission to place a cache may not have a high priority, but is not ignored. I've just received permission for a cache today, the cacher originally submitted it at the beginning of April. Giving a 6 week turn around which seems to be about average.




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What area?


Wiltshire (Swindon)


The Woodland Trust has, like a lot of organisations in the current climate, gone through a lot of re-organisation resulting in the loss of Woodland Managers and the remaining picking up a lot more sites. The delays are probably a result of this, they are generally very amenable.



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