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Old Map Functionality


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I may be missing something. I miss the old map view. I live on one side of the state and a caching friend lives on the other end. I use to look at the old map view to get an idea of where to meet for caching based on cache density.


I can't use google earth to do that nor do I want to create 1/2 dozen pocket queries do get a whole state & surrounding area view. Is their a way to get the old map view functionality?





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The old map that was replaced only showed a red star. The new map only shows a red marker. What has changed that you see to be different?


The Google Maps are still there, all you have to do is click on the large map at the bottom.



Thanks once again for letting us know how 'terrible' you think the changes are.

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The "view map" under the "send to phone button" still brings up Google maps. I can only zoom out to 500 caches. That is not what I want; besides Google maps bring my machine to its knees and I hate using it. I would like to see a state wide (or greater) snap shot of available caches. The old view map feature gave me exactly that.


This issue could be resolved by allowing larger PQ's. (I know that has been discussed ad nauseum and I am not proposing that) I don't want to download all of the caches but just simply get a mile high view of total cache density.


I am not sure what you mean about the red star vs. marker. The old map view showed cache icons.

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