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First you have to upload the pic to somewhere on the internet. The easiest place is, however, the cache page. Click 'upload image' in usual way.


Then go to the gallery, which should now show your image. Click the image, which opens in a new window. Copy the address in the address bar at the top, something like:



Second, edit your cache page. Click the box "the descriptions below are in HTML"


Basic HTML is easy and various guides are available. Basically you put instructions in < > and < / > cancels it. So bold is < b > and to turn it off do < /b >.

All without the spaces.


Use < p > for a new paragraph, or < br > for a line break. Again without the spaces.


To add a pic, with a title try something like this:


< center >< b >Your title here< /b >< br >

< img src=


< /center >

Replace the bit in inverted commas with the address of your pic. Keep the inverted commas!


If you untick the box that adds the cache to the review queue, you can play around with it until you're happy, without getting it looked at by Deci.

Hope that helps.

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