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  1. I read something similar in the guardian the other day
  2. Its back up and working again, also the tile limit is now 1,000,000 Found it very useful over the weekend There were issues with the OS's interpretation of the Google Earth License Sean
  3. After a bit of google I found THIS site with a KML file. Sorry if its old news, but my search never came up with anything.
  4. I had the same thing happen to me the other week. I had just installed the firefox addon xinha, so thought maybe that was the problem for the weird text. I got rid of it on my cache page by editing in Internet Explorer. Sean & Sue
  5. A big thank you from us, for making the game so much fun/hair pulling Sean & Sue
  6. "You go in to the woods looking for Tupperware?"
  7. Thanks for all the advice and tips. I downloaded SpoilerSync and its working perfectly with GPXsonar. Hopefully that will decrease our number of DNF's Thanks Sean
  8. We've been successfully caching since February with our Garmin venture hc and been printing copiously the cache pages, but have recently been given an old ipaq rx1950 to help with our little adventures. So heres where I'm up to. I've used EasyGPS to load a gpx file to the garmin GPSr and gpxsonar to the PDA. To be honest its all we seem to need in the field, but would of liked spoiler pics for the more trickier of puzzles or images of clues needed. I like gpxsonar though for the re-centering of position and then searching for the next cache I keep seeing articles about cachmate, but as a none user I can't see the added benefit of the cost. So basically I'm asking is there a better way to cache with what I have with a PDA, satnav and venture hc?
  9. A bit of fence sitting here. As a relative noob I get the OP's point, but also get the quality not quantity point. Surely its a diverse sport that accommodates us all. As a Family I love the days out caching, Mrs M takes her photos, me and the kids get a kick out of the hunt/find (sometimes) and we all click Refresh when passing the PC to see if our newly placed cache has been found. I've had the idea/equipment for a new cache for several weeks now, but am still fine tuning it. Hopefully it will get good reviews and cachers will appreciate the effort put in to it.
  10. I personally can see both sides of the coin, but then I'm new We've just finished a hard Sudoku series, that I took great pleasure in, but can see why people overlook. It has to be one of my favouries along with a local Enigma series. For me its more about where I go than what I do....if you see what I mean
  11. Cache can be seen through my profile, thanks for the advice Sean
  12. The cache is now ready and I'm quite pleased with it, Thanks again Sean
  13. Thats great, had a little play and its working....Thanks Gonna have another play...lol
  14. I've tried using {img} {/img} , as I do elsewhere in cyberland, with no luck
  15. Sorry if its another daft question, but how do I put a picture on the description area of one of my caches...IYSWIM. Just thought it would jazz the page up a little, or would it put people off printing out the cache page Thanks
  16. Just been having a play with it and it works a treat. Thanks
  17. Excellent, seem to do them all. Don't know whose worse, Us or the kids. Only earlier our youngest shouted slow down whilst driving by one of our caches, just so she could look up the bridlepath to look for cachers Sean and Sue
  18. Thanks for the info everyone. As I said its a big 'if' ,money issue and I'm a self confessed gadget junkie, so just researching at the mo and all above has given food for thought. Presently I'm caching with a Navman, Garmin venture HC and Samsung phone and lots of print-outs and OSmaps. Just need a little room in my backpack for a few sandwiches for my little adventures excellent advice, many thanks Sean and Sue
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