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New GPS Device with OS Mapping

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Spotted this review on PocketGPS




and the website itself is




My PDA is I think approaching renewal so was interested and it looks good but as usual the OS maps are very expensive at £50 to £100 per county. So I think I'll be sticking to Memory Map for now but has anyone got one or planning to get one?

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"Have followed Satmap and others for some length of time.

If you already have memory map you cant use it with satmap.

Satmap also has a very losable rubber plug at the bottom so quickly loses its waterproofing.

Satmap only give grid refs to eight places.

It also wont accept other programmes such as cachemate onto it.

Pros are armoured supposedly waterproof, good screen, long batterylife, good zoom function and maps on SD cards are OS maps and cards can be used in different satmaps. These maps are all about the same price as the memorymap equivelants

I think with a little thought this could have been a dream geocaching device but unfortunately falls short on a number of fronts.

Other devices are perhaps Roadangel and possibly the new Mios 360 and 560 but none quite make the cut for me.

Suspect that Garmin may be waiting to produce something?"


Update on the above-


Have spoken to Satmap and can now add that the rubber seal at the bottom is a lot harder to lose as it is now attached.

Unfortunately the battery life is NOT long.

I also discussed the matter of readings to eight places and was told this was of little relevance-I personally do think it is relevant.

Apparently an update has been brought out but am unsure as to what this comprises.

I just wish somebody with some brains could bring memorymap and something like the 60CSX together.

As for Garmin the 300 may just possibly be worthwhile in the future but am personally not overwhelmed with it at the moment.

There do seem to be a number of very annoying firmware and software bugs, entering coordinates etc with the scrollwheel is lengthy and irritating and seems on mine at least to be slowly seizing up.

There are also comments about just how waterproof this model is.

Also there seem to be some number of faulty units out there.

I do feel that this was rushed to market and do not like being treated as a beta tester for Garmin.

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