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  1. I have various caches in the Kent/Sussex border, Hawkhurst - Bodiam area. As an ex cacher I just don't get to maintain properly anymore. They are all in great caching locations but dont get many visits anymore. Would anyone like to adopt them?
  2. Can someone let me know the activation code for this coin. I am getting an error message fom hogcode when I select glasscoin. By the way does anyone know when the icon is going to appear, its still showing a generic icon.
  3. Sorry to resurect a very old thread but I have spent a long while trying to sort this out and I am sure there is an obvious answer. My virtual icons are still not transparent. I have downloaded the file today so I am sure its the latest one, I have deleted the folder and got blue dots, extracted the file and got icons again - so I am sure I am working in the correct folder but I am still getting white backgrounds on virtuals. Any other ideas?
  4. Hmmm thanks Paul, I hadnt considered that one and your link is another website to explore. How is battery life when using BT? I have not used BT for GPS but early on found that it eats batteries so never tried that route and always gone with built in GPS. Anyone know how PDA with BT and then separate GPS with its own power source compares with PDA built in GPS and not having to use BT?
  5. Thanks for the replies - I think the high res screen issue you talk about on the X960 is similar to the screen I had on the Glofiish X900 (which became Acer X900 after some merger/takeover or something) I found Lordelphs icons significantly helped with that....might be worth a try for you. Many thanks for the comment on the HTC GPS accuracy issue you have confirmed my concern...... Also thanks for the Asus P750 the good battery life is very interesting - in the past I have addressed this by taking two batteries out with me and changing the battery when it gets low...but 11 hours is more than I would need.....only catch is the small screen - same as my previous glofiish....hmmmm tempting. The Loox N560 comments as I have noted a few of those on ebay.....and the comments on the antennae are a bit of a concern. Decisions decisions....off to check out Mr B's suggestion of Oregon 450....
  6. Am I the only cacher whoch wants to buy a Windows mobile PDA for caching, preferably with a phone built in? I can see from the forum you are all converting to Garmins of one form or another...I know the considered opinion amongst cachers is that pda arent robust enough but the ones I have had have been fine and only destroyed by dropping in the canal and my recent one has a cracked screen from falling out of my pocket on a train! The cracked screen is repairable but am considering an upgrade at the same time. I solve the battery life issue by carrying a spare..... I have used memory map for years and dont really want to revert to one of the garmin units as I wont be able to use memory map anymore (as far as i know) so I am searching ebay and totalpda, handtec, clove etc for a new recentish pda becuase So whats the best GPS many now dont seem to have Sirfstar chipsets whihch I have always been very happy with, but how good are these newer devices for caching. Anyone got a HTC Pharos or an ipaq 614 and can comment on gos accuracy.
  7. Received mine and given them to the kids however we cant find the activation codes on hogcode. There is nothing like geoturtle in the hogcode list of coins......am i missing something?
  8. We found a letterbox whilst looking for Water Hill. Looking through the notes there are several have found the cache whilst looking for the letterbox!
  9. I am having the same problem with a Center of the Nation Belle Fourche South dakota coin.
  10. and I am coming up to Scotland for GitG, planning to do my first Munro (along with my kids and no doubt a few others). Heres hoping the fairy visits Munro Driesh before GitG!!
  11. I am also keen to do my own icons, personally I am not keen on the cache icon I like the flag, but I want different colour flags for found, not found, with TB etc......
  12. I have had a Mio A701 for 2 maybe 3 years and its a great piece of kit. I rarely use the phone (buts its handy to have a SIM in for an emergency backup) and mainly use it for caching, its been out in all weathers with me - sensible precautions mean it has survived fine. I have even dropped it onto stone a few times with just a few scuffs to show for it. The battery issues is solved by obtaining a high capacity battery (£20 off ebay); I get 4 to 5 hours with 30% life to go. Charge both before you go, carry one in your bag/pocket and you have plenty of hours of use. I use TomTom to get to the parking spavce, switch to memory map and off we go caching. Fix times are fine, I dont bother downloading the quickfix files. I must admit i have been wondering whether its time to get a new device but I dont know what I could get to better it, the only thing it needs is WiFi.
  13. Hmmm thanks PUP, as a red pirate (yohoyoho reds the colour for me, if you see the colour blue thrown 'em into the sea) I hope not to be meeting up with any pirates either red or blue on this particular trip. Thanks Hancocks, I'll have a look at that.
  14. I am off to the Caribbean in a couple of weeks, wayhay, and am hoping to get a couple of caches in (dont tell the missus) but I dont have a map for MM. Anyone have one or have any ideas on how to get one? I have a version of Memory Map that can calibrate maps (I have been using it long enough that OS hadnt forced them to take the feature away) but cant manage to convert downloaded maps into a format that can be read in (PNG 8 colour).
  15. Ainsley E-Mail Sent: (3/9/08) as in 3rd Sept 08 Name Received: (4/9/08) Mission Sent: (15/9/08) Mission Received: (26/9/08) Colette E-Mail Sent: (3/9/08) Name Received: (4/9/08) Mission Sent: (15/9/08) Mission Received: (22/9/08) Both missions now received, many thanks to both Rachel and Brandon. Both Colette and Ainsley are well pleased with their coins (parrot and frog respectively) and packages of goodies. Based on the comments more English sweets will be on the way from the UK with the next letter, along with another geocoin for good measure.
  16. I was just about to do my order but I cant see what the LE is. One page says LE to be determined another says polished gold but how many, what price and when can they be ordered?
  17. Ainsley E-Mail Sent: (3/9/08) as in 3rd Sept 08 Name Received: (4/9/08) Mission Sent: (15/9/08) Mission Received: (Date) Colette E-Mail Sent: (3/9/08) Name Received: (4/9/08) Mission Sent: (15/9/08) Mission Received: (22/9/08)
  18. Ainsley E-Mail Sent: (3/9/08) as in 3rd Sept 08 Name Received: (4/9/08) Mission Sent: (15/9/08) Mission Received: (Date) Colette E-Mail Sent: (3/9/08) Name Received: (4/9/08) Mission Sent: (15/9/08) Mission Received: (Date)
  19. Thinking back our first was memorable as we had no idea what to expect. I like those where there is either something of a challenge or something unusual about them, Ker Plunk (GC1B4XF), Final Hurdle (GC13TNE) and Krypton Factor (GC10PDB) plus others by Tzus are some that spring to my mind as great caches. This challenge has to be such that they arent too hard that I DNF though. The other thing for me is if you get a dadgum good view of some sort, hence Derbyshire, the Scottish Glens or circular country walks are a favourite too.
  20. Great coin, I will get two for the kids when they are done but shouldnt it be "who is the greatest cacher" to go with the mirror.
  21. Ainsley E-Mail Sent: (3/9/08) as in 3rd Sept 08 Name Received: (4/9/08) Mission Sent: (Date) Mission Received: (Date) Colette E-Mail Sent: (3/9/08) Name Received: (4/9/08) Mission Sent: (Date) Mission Received: (Date) Sorry we are a bit late joining but we have ordered some geocoins and will get some letters written whilst we await them being delivered. Can I guess the forum/caching name of the parents of my kids penpals from the posts above?
  22. I havent undertaken a mission before could someone explain what they are about, is it simply a geocoin exchange or do the coins need to undertake a specific mission after exchange.
  23. Doh just seen this, my two kids would have been up for this, is it really too late? Is there any others out there that were also too late? We are in England and I have a boy age 12 and girl age 10 who would be interested.
  24. I have a small collection of geocoins and would prefer to transfer them to my kids who are now cachers in their own right. Can this be done via the adoption process?
  25. Holborn Blacks seem to have a variety based on comment in other thread they have a mixture but she didnt show me. They were in the stock room on opposite side of shop to the till on the ground floor, not downstairs where the garmins are.....
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