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  1. The TYTN II has a Qualcomm chipset, not Sirf III so it doesn't work. If it were Sirf III there would be no problem with turning off the static nav.
  2. I didn't mean to rub you up the wrong way, I was just trying to point out that no one doubts that the chipset works fine whilst moving quickly, which you just confirmed. Personally I do use mine for finding caches, but have had to dig out the Garmin on rare occasions when the cache location is not obvious. I would never post a cache using the coords from a GPS that you can't disable static nav on, that's for sure.
  3. Did you walk? If so then you would have seen the problem. Go and find a geocache with it and then tell us it's fine. In fact, go hide a geocache using it to give you the coords and see if you can use the Qualcomm GPS to get back to it.
  4. Your settings are correct, read my post above ^^post #30^^ that is the only answer to your problems I'm afraid.
  5. As far as I'm aware, the static nav can't be disabled on the Qualcomm chipset. Until someone figures out how to do it, you will just have to learn to walk quickly like I do.
  6. I might just pay the $10 I suppose, cheers for the help though guys.
  7. Thanks for the replies folks: @ Purple Pineapple, I've tried that but unfortunatly it gives me a "missing xref.txt in HTML folder"error. Any idea why this is? I've tried creating an HTML folder & an xref.txt file, but still the same error. @ The Blorenges, I use Lord Elph's icons anyway, you can use macros just the same in ver 6 which is why you see the icons.txt macro generation in my settings. I'm trying to do it without paying $10 just to add a box where I can put a URI address! I had it working using a custom export and GPS babel on my other machine, but I would have thought it would be possible now without all that hassle, but it seems not.
  8. GSAK version (as stated above ) is 6.6.5 & this is my File-->Export-->Memory Map window http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/1980/gsakpm6.jpg
  9. Hmm, no use defaults on either of those export screens. Strange.
  10. I've also been trying to do this, but there doesn't seem to be a link box in the MM export settings? There is a "Use local URL" box, but that's all. Whatever I put in this box, it creates the http link. Any ideas? (GSAK ver 6.6.5)
  11. Or put the 35mm film container inside a tupperware box.
  12. You certainly used to be able to order individual Explorer sheets off the MM website, it seems the selections thing has taken over from that now. I suppose for legitimate customers, it's better as they only have to pay for the parts they want. There are ways of obtaining the maps from other less legitimate sources. Please do not send me any more PMs as I am certainly not going to distribute them. You could always enclose the UK in a route and send it to them, see how much they quote. As mentioned above, you can also scan your own maps and calibrate them in Memory Map if you have the right version. I have 5.0.5 Pro and you can do it with that.
  13. If anyone still doubts me: http://www.memory-map.co.uk/selections.htm
  14. You can get them all for Memory Map, I've got them all. If you couldn't, then I wouldn't have said so above! I don't "think" or "believe", I know. Hope that's cleared things up a bit
  15. You can get the whole explorer series (1:25k) for MM, so the entire British Isles is covered.
  16. I would bet that it was a "take a pic on the card" and leave it in the cache item, but someone has not read the cache description properly and moved it on as a swap. If that's the case, it could have come from anywhere!
  17. Let's not get anal about the terminology, a GPS is a GPS, no matter what platform the user interface uses. My Kaiser is a phone, an mp3 player, a movie player, a gaming device, but it is also a GPS. No, you can't transfer MM to a Garmin Etrex, but you can transfer it to any GPS that has Windows Mobile as it's OS.
  18. I am pleased to announce that my life is officially wonderful then!
  19. This has been discussed recently on here. 1:50k is fine, you need no more.
  20. 1:50k maps are only accurate to 100m, so that could happen. Surely when you get to a river though, you know which side of it you are, providing you know which direction you are walking. Water, gridlines, trig points & anything else blue are the most accurate things on an OS map, as they are laid on first, then everything fits around that to a certain extent.
  21. 1:50k is plenty detailed enough. You only need 1:25k maps if you're micronavving (& I don't mean finding stupid little film containers). I have 1:25k and 1:50k for Memory map, so I tend to use the 1:25k more, but there really is no need though.
  22. Well I've logged my own cache (GCZQGW), as I had to find it like anyone else would have, after it was moved slightly. Does it matter? Does anyone care? If they do, then they need to get a life. Log whatever you want, no one will ban you for cheating. Geocaching is all about going out & about rather than sitting inside watching TV. It is not a competition, no matter what some people think.
  23. Personally, the reason I go caching is to have a nice walk somewhere that I would not have gone otherwise. That's why I don't care if when I get there, the cache is a micro, or in fact if I don't find it! It really doesn't matter to me. For that reason, I would probably not bother with a lengthy puzzle type cache.
  24. Take a look at the link in my sig. It's also marketed as the Orange TYTN II, MDA Vario III, AT&T Tilt, and another O2 name that escapes me at the moment.
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