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Today I got a e-mail notification from gc.com that had this in the subject line.


[GEO] Notify: Gitonyerhorse archived Limp (Archived) (Traditional Cache)


Now the notification itself is fine but in the subject itself the word 'archived' appears twice, which is a bit redundant. It really only needs to be there once.


I realize this is not the most important thing to fix as its only waisting 11 bytes but if you add that up from all the email notification sent out every day about caches being archived you might have enough space for a child living in poverty to download a couple MP3 files, or maybe even a GPX of caches in his area, just think of the world changing possibilities if all these bytes were conserved.

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It's really the result of two different actions. The first (a verb) describes the action taken by someone (Gitonyerhorse) while the second one (an adjective) is attached to the Cache to describe it's current status. In this case it confirms the action taken actually "took". Many notifications are constructed automatically this way but don't necessarily become redundant. For example, an owner notification that someone "found" a cache which is "disabled" or "archived".


It really is a minor non-issue....

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