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:) And thank you too :)

Lincoln Trail State Park, 2.25 miles south of Marshall, IL, is a nice quiet little park that would make a good central base camp. Terre Haute, IN has many MANY neat caches and there are more than 50 in a 15 mile radius in IL, too.

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The State Parks in Illinois, frankly, are pretty poor in terms of access to geocaching. I would still go to Shabbona Lake, Starved Rock and Giant City -- they are great places to hang out and explore. You just won't be able to walk to more than 1 or 2 caches from anywhere in the park. Mark Twain in MO, Lake Monroe south of Bloomington, IN, and of course, the state parks in WI offer better caching opportunities, IMHO.

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Jim Edgar-Panther Creek SP has 6 caches in the park.

Argyle Lake SP has 7 caches in the park.

Wineberg-King SP has 4 caches in the park.

Sangchris SP has 5 in the park.

The state parks/COE around Lake Shelbyville have a couple of dozen.

New Salem, while not an official state park but a historical site, has 7 in the park.

Do a search on the state park and then view the map. There are caches in quite a few of the state parks.

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Red Hills State Park down by Summner has TONS of caches in it. You can almost make a day of it and never leave the park grounds. It's fairly spread out, so you might end up driving a time or two, but if you plan your hikes, you can park, do a handful, drive a short distance, do a handful, etc. And there is camping available.


The surrounding area has about a zillion caches as well. I spent an entire day down there last fall and barely scratched the surface.



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