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Zac Young

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You should only hold a travel for a couple three weeks tops. If you want to take it on a long trip, but won't be leaving for a while get the owners permission first.


As a bug owner I would find it very annoying to have someone hold my bug and log it through every cache they found for weeks and months on end. Almost annoying as someone holding my bug for weeks and months on end and never logging it once.


Keep in mind that when you are ready to take your trip you can always go out and find a few bugs then.

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How far it goes isn't the thing, unless the owner has a specified mission. Normally, try to keep the TBs moving as soon as possible, the owner gets more delight out of watching the logs that way.


I occasionally end up with a TB that I didn't get a chance to move. In the event that I may not get out caching again soon, I will drop them into a nearby cache for others to enjoy. If they don't move before I get out again, I can always go back and pick them up again.


Reminds me, I need to drop the one I picked up before I caught the flu.

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I have some TBs out there. To tell you the truth, I'd rather get 100 eamils from people that only moved it 5 miles than to get 1 email from someone who moved a TB a 1000 miles. Yes, even if that got it closer to it's goal. For me, the journey is the thing.


That said, if someone has a TB that has a goal to go to some obscure town in Switzerland, and you plan a trip to England in 5 weeks, it really might be nice to get it across the big pond. In that case, a note to the TB owner to ask if they'd like to to hang onto it is the way to go.


I had a family pick up one of my classroom TBs --they have the goal to go to different biomes (deserts, woodlands, etc)...the family was headed to the beach four states away in a few weeks and the bug had been diddle-bopping around in Indiana for months before that. I said of course they could hang onto it until their trip. They dropped it off somewhere really cool when they took their trip and all is well with that TB now.

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For me, I want to see and read about my tb's journey to its goal while traveling with different cachers. Even if you move a tb only 1 mile (or less), it becomes part of that tb's journey.


However, if you think you can help a tb get closer to its goal, but it will take you longer than a couple weeks, just contact the tb owner and ask them if they'd like for you to do that.

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