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What do you PUT in there?

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Hi all,


As a few of you know, Dad and I are getting ready to hide our first cache. Yesterday, I bought a surplus ammo can, they're huge:o! I've got great ideas, that would barley fill 1/4 of the ammo can :unsure:. what do YOU fill your large caches with?




Phil Jr.


PS-Please, no discussion about us not having 'x' enough finds to hide a cache, this has already been decided!

My 2 caches are on trails... one in a local green belt park, the other a good hike in. I put in things that would assist you on the hike. Emergency tube tent, topical bug bite pain killer, mosquito repellant, an emergency poncho, an emergency roll of toilet paper, emergency mylar blanket... etc. Stuff like that usually sets me back around $20-$25 and does a nice job filling up the box.


After that, it's the dollar store stuff to refill the box because the box will end up being traded down instead of up.

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In my larger caches I always place Travel Bugs and/or Geocoins. I don't put toys or things for kids, as most cachers in my area are adults. Plus, I don't like finding the cheap crap like rings, stickers, etc. ( Don't get me wrong, some people like that stuff. I have placed that stuff myself, but have grown away from it the longer I've cached).


In larger caches I place and prefer to find things for an adult such as follows:


Travel Bugs


CITO kits

Aspirin packets

Band Aids

Wet Wipes

Calomine Lotion (especially in places with poison ivy/oak)

Starbucks Gift Cards (to be used and paid forward)

Premade custom caches- ready to go

First Aid kits

Snake Bite kits


...things an adult would get use out of and enjoy finding :laughing:

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