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bishop cache

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Once you learn his style - it may be a typical cache from him.


We have "Slim Bob" caches here. They are generally a 1" x 2" ziplock with a log folded up in them. They are carefully and craftfully tucked into the weirdest places. Once you find your first slim bob, it helps finding the rest. I'm not saying that a Bishop cache is anything like that, so take it for what it's worth.

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bishop is the owner of the cache you are refering to. It doesn't mean anything other then he is the owner.


Geez, why did I just click on about 50 of some guy's caches in Alberta? :blink: It seems he puts


This is a Bish0p Cache


centered at the bottom of several of his almost 300 cache descriptions, but usually only on his oldest hides. May or may not mean anything. :)

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