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  1. Hi all, Just went geocaching yesterday with my family, and again used my phone. I have no idea how much data c:geo is using but I found my gps more reliable to be honest. I am wondering, can I upload directly to my gps?? I never used to be able to years ago, but I'm hoping that I can now (from the site). I have a magellan explorist 210.
  2. Hey!!! I'm living in NB....and wondering are there any places to buy geocaching stuff like buttons, coins, tb's...other than 3 geeks near halifax??? I'm not close to there.... Thanks for any help!! linkguider
  3. Thanks!! Called customer support, they were nice but they still didn't know...I ended up figuring it out in the end. The map units were in the wrong units....thats all it was. Got this system at Christmas....finally just figuring out now how to use the aspects of it. Thanks!
  4. Sorry, I'm using Magellan Explorist 210
  5. I helped a friend place 4 caches. Walked back to it a couple of times to make sure that I had the right coord's...however when people tried to find them ...the coordinates were off by like 1500 feet. My location on the gps screen although not current reads 49'00.49N 057'36.16W Why will it not display 3 digits at the end of the number?? like 49'00.493???? for instance. I'm wanting to hide another cache...however are people going to be able to find it???? Just dont know what to do.
  6. I have the Magellan Explorist 210-....and I have to type them in to my geocache software one at a time...which is a royal pain....but I can upload them all at once....any way to do this faster???
  7. Hi, I've got a good gps, however we cannot find the cache icon on our map. We have gone to the main screen...we've uploaded the cache from the software to the gps unit...and do not know where to go from there on....can someone please help us to find geocaches???? becky
  8. Im goign to do a micro cache...but it says it's a bishop cache...what does that mean??? Its called "gas and gasoline. Thanks!!!
  9. Hi all!! So, Im not planning any more, but actually doing a cross canada trip near the end of March. We're starting from Alberta(going south to calgary & lethbridge) than going to Regina, Brandon, all up through Northern Ontario, then down through Ottawa, in through the Atlantic provinces, and then to Newfoundland. What I would like to do is geocache in every province that we visit. And I'm wondering does anyone have a travel bug that they would like brought across to one of the provinces??? I will be sure to take lots and lots of pictures of my geocaching adventures and post them up!! Any tips for the trip as we do this??? Thanks! linkguider
  10. Yuppers !!! it's in the right spot!! and connected properly! Still trying to figure it out
  11. Thankyou very much for your help. I did get the cd's and tried that...got it all working...until it wouldn't recognize my gps that was plugged into the usb port.... so, now i have no idea what to do.
  12. So, I got a new explorist 210 magellan for christmas. But geocaching.com only supports garmin....I've got the software uploaded for my gps ....but I'm disapointed to find out that i can only upload to a garmin....what gives!!!! theres more brands than garmin..yes, i know it's a good one. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions...and no! I'm not bringing my gps back...it was a gift.
  13. Hey Everyone, I guess I'm kinda new to geocaching.....found some, hidden one...having the time of my life. My birthday's coming up, and I'm looking at getting a GPS unit. There are a couple that I'm trying to choose from.... One is the:: -Magellan Explorist 100GPS (it's orange) -Garmin E-Trex GPS (yellow) -Garmin E-Trex Summit (grey) All of these can be found on this website..... http://www.canadiantire.ca and they all range in about from 129.00-139.00, with the grey one on sale from 259.00 down to 129.00 So, if anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Another question I have is, can I load a whole bunch of geocaches onto a GPS unit so that I dont have to print them out and try to find them. Thanks a bunch!!!! -linkguider
  14. Thanks for the tips everyone...u gave me some useful ones that I didnt know about. First off I havent bought the GPS...and yeah it was gonna be the yellow one. But I think I still need to do some more research on it. For example, I have no idea what basemaps are....and I didnt realize that I should have a usb cable to hook up from my computer to the gps....by the way...what is the purpose of that? I've been doing all my geocaching without a gps and just going by the clues that are given, and the directions that are on the site...which to my advantage has worked out so far. However, I hid a cache the other day, and I didnt have the correct coordinates as I dont own a gps, so, I bummed them off another cache for the time being...well, it obviously didnt work....they reviewed it and said "no coordinates no cache" So, maybe I could just go and buy the gps system the yellow one, to get the coordinates for this cache the one im hiding....and than return it to the store....LOL how many of us have done that before...well, not with gps's but u know....Anyhow I eventually want to go around the world doing geocaching, I'm a traveller already so, this is something to my advantage. Sincere thanks!
  15. Hi there, I've been doing geocaching for about a week and a bit. i was going to go out and buy a gps unit...the garmin etrex...It's quite a basic unit....and only about 129.00 CDN (add on taxes)which isn't bad. Has anyone else purchased this product...and can give me any tips or hints about it. I'm gonna see if i can buy it tomorrow. Thanks!
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