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Cache Hiding


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Howdy CVC-ers.

Little Bigs & I have been out caching the last few days. Haven't been able to in awhile as she suffered a bad hip injury last summer right after she lost her dad. It was truly a sad time for all of us - then I had some surgery myself. Anyway - we are back at it. Ya-Hoo.

So today - we are out caching and there is a cache hider that is consistently off on his coords. Ranging from 30-60 feet. I am assuming after the first few; that this is being done purposeful to make the cache harder to find. Finally after 3 DNF's today and spending TONS of wasted time looking; we deleted all of his caches out of the GPS. It obviously was not fun for us to be searching in such a wide area for nano caches. Is this acceptable? I've talked to a few out of town cachers that are just as frustrated. Whatcha think?


PS - Bill, I am so glad to read that you still have your dog. I think about what happened now and then and it just makes me sick to my stomach!

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Hi I was reading your post and it reminded me of a time I went all the way up a mountain looking for a cache. When I got there even though I looked and looked and followed the hints I still couldn't find it. It got pretty frustrating. I figured someone might have just taken the cach all together or an animal wondered off with it. Well Happy Hunting.



My Treasure Hunting Website! <_<

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Catmit - A LOT of cachers share your frustration as we are all aware of the caches you speak of. It is a theory that person does not own a GPS. That he uses Google Earth to mark his cache sites. Once cachers started to find them, that has led to a constant train of helping other cachers. Why should we not right? After all with today's gas prices it is terrible for any cacher to DNF! That being said, I agree he should adjust his coords to make them more accurate.

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Yes, I have been cracking up seeing all the finds now on his hides. I had a feeling there was some sharing going on! Very cool. When Little Bigs & I get some time to get back out caching; I am sure I will be shouting out for help! Thanks for the info Wolfgirl:)

Cathy :)

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