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  1. Matt only makes one post a year. He as used that one up already. LOL Funny greg HA HA HA O my god that makes two, what was I thinking. ya now everyone seems to use facebook huh? your good for 2 years now matt You know me i am old school. Why should I go any where else when I have a perfectly go fourm that isn't broken? Oh Matt...break out of your shell get a Facebook! LOL
  2. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We are very blessed to have such a wonderful CVC family!
  3. Oops...sorry I left out Doug. So they got 288 in two days. Come on...we can get 289 no problem!
  4. WOW BOGA! You are special! However are you even a cacher any more? None of us have seen you! I'm sure out of all of us, we have to know someone with a jet to give free flights to grab that cache! BTW: when is the next group going to try and beat Photom's finds in Lancaster?
  5. That is exactly what they are...a large group of cachers gather at the given location. They are given a list of coordinates to area caches and they disperse at the same time. Some of them have all cachers parade around first and what not. Some will even have a gathering afterward's to have lunch or something. It all depends on the host.
  6. UH OH...you two!...and their off! GO CACHN, you just figured out when a new page starts? You did bring this on yourself!
  7. Law & Order SVU Geocaching links: Law & Order link Honestly, I don't even think Geocaching.com would allow a caching name like that!
  8. GO CACHN...your COWBOYS lost! My team won...GO BEARS! The Hubby's team won...GO STEELERS! Even Super Grrl's team won...GO DOLPHINS! Yeah, they hid a cache in a subway tunnel that is active. We all know that would NEVER happen! Plus, how did they even get a reading down in a subway tunnel? I agree...they over reacted BIG time! We all have done a FTF dance but seriously! I guess what they say any publicity is good publicity? It was a terrible example.
  9. I've done Nocturnal Immersion and it was awesome! When I found it, it was pouring rain and we just had a blast! It is a MUST DO!
  10. Did anyone notice that geocaching was on last week's Law & Order SVU? It was a bad example of a cache but it was on there.
  11. To the best of my knowledge there is ABSOLUTELY (that's just making a point, not yelling) no caches allowed in National forests. Sorry but it is a HUGE no-no.
  12. Those are great pictures Photom! Thanks for putting them in here. You put on a fun event. Thanks! JPD43 - we hope you are feeling better!
  13. To some of you that are not aware our very own Yosemite Girl has a voice that will amaze you! I have heard for the last 3 years that she could sing but never have I had the pleasure of witnessing it. Last week, Bug'sMom, The Hubby, TinkyBug, Super Grrl and myself attended Manteca Idol. Yosemite Girl performed one of my favorites, "Kiss Me" by Sixpense None The Richer. WOW! She nailed it! Truly a beautiful voice. Unfortunately we did not attend this week's which theme was "Movie Soundtrack". I was told that she performed a song from the Little Mermaid. After reading the Manteca Bulletin, I wish I would have gone. Here is what the reporter had to say about our very own Yosemite Girl: The hands-down performance of the night, however, had to go to Dawn Thomas who took a page out of “The Little Mermaid” when she absolutely nailed the theme “Part of Your World” that should have been good for at least two passes. It was her soothing voice and her ability to hit every note from the Disney classic that appealed to not only the younger contestants or the children in the audience but everybody inside of the packed house. Manteca Idol takes place at Chez Shari's on Wednesday nights. There is a cover charge of $5.00. It goes to a great cause and well I feel it is worth it. She really has such an amazing voice! You should go one week (I believe there are 10 more weeks) and cheer her on.
  14. You may want to post this in an Arizona geocaching website. You might get more responses that way. Good luck, have fun and be safe! Arizona Geocaching
  15. Listening to the radio I hear a commercial. Did my ears hear correctly? I could have sworn he said geocaching. You know us geocachers, we hear certain words and it grabs our attention. I look it up and wouldn't you know...he did mention geocaching! Colleges promoting geocaching...cool! Check it out: College Fishing/Geocaching
  16. WOW...the elusive BOGA emerges! Place a cache? BOGA? You don't even cache nor attend events! You plan on placing one! That will be the day! Why don't you keep me posted on that supposed Venona stuff? I haven't a clue about any of it! If you like to see it, does that mean you won't mind giving a bit of help when we need it?
  17. LOL...Oh Bug'sMom you should NEVER listen to Super Grrl! She mis-spoke! I said you have motivated me to solve puzzles! If you hadn't solved those chatbots I would have never tried. Due to the fact you did, I just had to. It was a very frustrating 2 hours for me but it was so cool to finally figure them out! Then to figure a BOGA puzzle out man o man we were on a roll! By the way who is BOGA? Does he even exist? No fear, we are still a team! We still have quite a few more to solve! Yes, I have lifeline's but I do not use them to solve puzzles. I did receive a bit of a hint for one of them which I told you about but it wasn't much of one. Yes, now time to go grab these...hmmm...
  18. LOL! Love it! We make a great team! Hmmm...what others can we solve?! I am glad I have a great memory! Remembering where I saw a certain something something and we were on it!
  19. OMG...Bug'sMom! You are obsessed and possessed! I don't know if I can keep up. So far so good. I will try to crack that code. You motivate me!
  20. Geez BOGA You cannot even manage to make it to a picnic that happened to be 5 minutes from your house! So antisocial! The MAC group made it! YEAH!!! You missed out on a lot of fun! It was nice and relaxing and so good to see everyone!
  21. You would be nice to finally meet you and your wife! Don't forget Boo Bash!
  22. Yeah I noticed. However, I thought BOGA said this was the oldest or longest running thread or something to that affect. I see other threads with more posts and what not. Hmm.... I don't have the banner. In fact, I haven't even seen the banner!
  23. Woah...wait yodel? No one said anything about that! I can't carry a tune and you want me to yodel! You don't want your hearing to last now do you?!!!
  24. Ahh...thanks Photom! Super Grrl will probably outlast us all on that bull! Thanks for putting on event in Merced for all of us! We miss our MAC friends!
  25. Ok...due to the lack of volunteers, The Hubby is hosting the CVC Birthday - Third Quarter event. It will be Saturday, September 19th from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. We are working on the page tonight and hoping to have it published by tomorrow. Mark your calendars! If you happen to know of any cacher that had a birthday during July, August, or September, please let us know so they can be included on the cake. No worries, not necessary to reveal ages, just dates!
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