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Garmin Nuvi200W


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Just curious if anyone knows the max number of gigs on an SD card the Nuvi200W can take. For instance. My Palm PDA can only take a gig, I did not know that until I had bought a 2 gig... I do not want to make the same mistake again when I get my Nuvi. Anyone know?

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Garmin will tell you that it will take up to 2 GB (non SDHC). People have used larger, but that is Garmin's stance.




Question: What is the largest Secure Digital (SD) card that my nuvi can accept?



Below is a list of units and their corresponding maximum card size:



2xx Series 2GB

350 2GB

360 and 370 4GB

6xx Series 4GB

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The number of waypoints that a unit can stored is fixed in the firmware and can't be changed by the user. The waypoints are stored on the unit itself and not on the SD card.


As to Custom POIs (which are different and separate), I have found that I usually get between 6,000 - 10,000 Custom POI locations per megabyte of space.

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I had the nuvi 350, 360 and 660 and found that even though you 'can' sometimes use higher memory cards you soon realize why Garmin set the limits, especially if you use the space for photos/music, etc. I had an 8GB card showing up on my 660 but 4Gb is what Garmin says is the limit.

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