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Will there be a 2008 CITO t-shirt?

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For those interested, there are now quite a number of CITO-logo apparel options available from Cafe Press:



And many more!

That's good to see. I'll place an order for myself.


Any chance that we'll have more advance warning next year, MissJenn? i.e., in advance of the International CITO Day, I like to collect advance orders from the local CITO attendees and place a group order that would have to be delivered prior to the event so that the shirts can be distributed there.


Will Cafe Press be the supplier next year too?





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I liked 07's shirt better. These one's are just blah. What happened to the jeep sponoer, GS logo and just the good look to them?

This look just looks like someone dropped the ball on the designing of the shirt and next thing you know people are asking for the shirt and no one had an idea.

Next year for a design, ask the people that will buy the shirt for ideas. I have some neat ideas for a shirt decals.

Here's an idea "add color to them", A decal on the sleeve, maybe add a TB # on them somewheres or give each shirt a pin number that acts like a TB number.

Get sponsors back Like Jeep or Garmin that like to give out money to companies that push there products on there customers. Garmin comment is a rant that I will bring up in the forums soon.

We as consumers, should be able to help in the design of the products that we want. Hay you might even sell more this way.

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