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How long have you had to wait until your TB was retrieved for the first time?


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I know I'm impatient. It has only been 9 days since I dropped my first TB, but it seems like 30. I was hoping that someone would have picked him up. I placed him in a new cache with 2 or 3 finds before my visit. Only 1 other person has found the cache. They didn't pick him up because they didn't have anything to swap. :unsure:


I guess this is the where I have to let go of any expectations I may have so that I don't obsess about it.

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I dropped TB1D1FW in a cache on September 3rd last year and it hasn't yet moved. Mainly because it's on the Scilly Isles and I was there near the end of last year's holiday season. I was the last one to find the cache and it probably won't move until late March or early April (when the season starts).


The more TBs you have out there, the more often something will move. The downside is that the more you have out there, the more chance you have of one going missing. But that's a chance I'm willing to take (and I intend to buy some more TBs soon).

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Check out the log dates on one of my bugs. Apparently it's doomed to be logged only once a year. (I just sent the final please let me know if you still have it email)


Cacher 1 - Retrieve it from a cache 4/12/2006


Cacher -1 Dropped off 3/7/2007


Cacher -2 Retrieved t from a cache 3/10/2007 <<--------Hey! todays the anniversary date! :laughing:

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I've had fairly good luck. I dropped 3 travelers...the first one about 2 months ago hasn't done a whole lot of moving.


The next 2 I dropped less than a month ago in Illinois. They moved together to California and now one is in Sweden and the other on Long Island.

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I released my very first bug on 3/10/08 and it was picked up today for the first time! So, 11 days! I've got 2 more bugs that I've finally got ready to release, so as soon as I can find an appropriate cache to drop them in, I'll have some more to watch over. I'm hopeful that the more I have out there, the less obsessed I'll be with the individual bug's movements. :unsure:

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