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FS: Etrex and Palm Z22 - a good starter kit

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I just got the Colorado 300. Now I have to sell everything else to afford that. I have put my 60CSx up for sale. This is my back up system. It is an older Garmin Etrex and a Palm Z22. It includes the bike mount for the Etrex, power supply for the Z-22, and a keyspan cable that allows for uploading caches to the Etrex via a USB port.


I have it listed on ebay here:



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My ebay sale is over on Saturday!!!


The ad states that it is over on Sunday?


oops... I am selling this one and a 60CSX. The 60 is over today and the Etrex is tomorrow Sunday. Thanks


I was thinking I listed both the same day... but they were nearly a day apart... ergo one day later

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