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  1. Later this year we will be doing a vacation that will bring is through England, Nederland, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and France. And we are going to geocache EVERYWHERE we go leaving lots of geoncoins! We are native english speakers with a pitiful bit of German and French. Some cache owners are nice and have descriptions and hints in their native tongue AND english. But most do not. I was wonder what other traveling geocachers do. The only thing that I can think of is to research each cache before going, translate it on the internet, and copy that info to smart device. Other ideas???
  2. I got a reminder email about renewing my membership. I do not remember how I set that up last year. I know I payed with Paypal but I am not sure if I set it up to automatically pay each year. I checked my account and it says: Your Current Membership Details Type: Premium Member Created: Friday, June 15, 2007 Will Renew: Sunday, June 29, 2008 Paypal: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (not the real number) Do does that mean it Will renew automatically and charge my paypal account OR is it saying I have to pay again by 29June OR does it not provide either of those pieces of info. I checked my paypal site but I could not find any autopay info. ??? Thanks, Bobkeenan
  3. Just to get the obvious out of the way..... you know that a lot of caches have no hints. If there is not a hint, the "show hints" option will not show up on the colorado.
  4. I have some questions. I recently loaded up a bunch of CN NA on to my SCHC card for my Colorado 300. I noticed that as I zoomed out the drawing speed of the map slowed to a crawl. Questions: 1. Is there a relationship between the amount of maps you have and the drawing speed? 2. If you are putting your maps on a SDHC card do faster cards improve drawing speed? Thanks
  5. We are heading out camping next weekend. I created a route on Google earth for a pocket query along a route. BUT the route that Google Earth picked is not the fastest way to get there. So I can create a google earth file for one part of the route and then another for the other. And then run two queries. But what I would like to know is if there is any way to edit the route of the Google Earth directions? Or is there another mapping program or online mapping source that gives you the route details of a kml file. I thought that mapsource did this but all I could accomplish was a point to point path file even though the map showed the correct autoroute along the road.
  6. I was up in Yosemite last weekend and had the same problem with my 300. I reset the unit. You lose the profile settings and then it worked fine for the rest of the trip. So it should not do that but until they get a software fix you might try that the next time.
  7. So where can you get it.... it is not in the "all downloads" list on the Garmin site yet. Is it through the garmin updater software? (at work and can't try it till I get on my home computer)
  8. I have a 300. Yesterday in the automotive mode I was following an autoroute and it would beep before each turn.
  9. I use the BB-10 Backbone by Nite Ize. It has a belt clip and is weather resistant. There is room for the colorado a 4 battery battery pack and an extra sd card case or two.
  10. Excellent... just tried it.. thanks
  11. I thought I had my colorado set up to do road routing to the cache in the auto profile and then I would switch to to the cache profile when I got close which was set up for off road. But now in the auto profile it will not road auto route to caches. It will to road auto route other destinations. I have played with a bunch of stuff and cannot get it back. So.... was I dreaming that I had that capability??? Or can someone help me with the settings to get it back. thanks.
  12. wow... I had not thought of those things since the early 70's. I was a USAF B-52 pilot and we always got those things packed in our meals. I was always amazed about how such a tiny simple thing could be so effective in what it does. I would always bring my home after a mission but they are all gone now I would love to pick one up in a cache.... I think it is a great idea. But you might have to pack instructions with it too. I bet most younger non-military people will not know what the heck it is.
  13. Taking the advice that I got. I selected all of Norway. I then ran previews of all of the caches from Jan 1998 till some date in 200X until I got to the 500 limit. Then I ran another preview from the last date to another date closer to present till I got another 500. So on and so forth till I got to the present. I ended up with 10 time spans of 500 caches each. I created a query for each time span and now I have All of Norway. For your trip you could do the route like you suggest and then pick a coordinate or cache in the center of Las Vegas with a radius large enough to cover the whole city. The do the date thing until you have the whole area. There ought to be a way where you can go to a map. Select an area. And get all of the cache info from that are. Wouldn't that be cool
  14. Thanks for the ideas. That is what I will do. I will have a laptop to update stuff. And 10 queries is not that big a deal. I have done the routing and the search in certain areas but in the past I sometimes find myself outside of my GSAK database and want to cache but can't. I was just hoping that there was some pocket query setting that I was missing where I could, simply, get the whole country in a series of queries but without doing each one... one by one.
  15. I am going to Norway for about a month this summer for vacation.... Yea. And I am going to geocache till I drop. I would love to download a set of pocket queries for the whole country because I am not sure where I will be during that month. Are there any easy ways, using pocket queries to get all of those caches. Right now I am selecting the country and working my way though date time segments at 500 caches per date span. But it is a little tedious. Any Ideas?
  16. I have City Navigator North American V8 that I loaded on my 60Csx. It allows two units so when I got the Colorado 300 I put it on there too. I would like to get the latest map on there instead of V8. So what do I buy. Is there an upgrade to this map that takes it to CN NA 2008 or to CN NA NT 2008. Or are there no upgrades but just new maps. I am also a little confused over the difference of the NT version for what I am using it for. Thanks
  17. I have two questions with respect to loading maps (city navigator and topo 2008) on to an sd card for my colorado. Note that I am loading less than 2000 segments of the topo map. 1. Why does it take so long. If I take a 4GB non-map file to the card it goes pretty quickly. But If I try to put a 1.2GB CN and 100MB topo on it takes HOURS!!! What is up with that? 2. Is there a way to add a map and then add another map later and have the previous map still be there. It looks like you have to totally overwrite whatever is there each time. Thanks
  18. I sold my yellow etrex and my 60Csx and my z22. I am not having any problems with my 300. And I love only having to load data into ONE thing. And only having to remember to bring ONE thing. And not having to charge the z22 but just bring batteries. There are the few nits but if Garmin did not fix anything else on this unit I would be happy....... but they will and it will get better.
  19. I am another happy camper. I bought the etrex when it first came out. Then upgraded to a Vista when I started geocaching ... but as I got addicted to geocaching quickly went to a 60Csx and a Palm z22. I was very happy with that combo for the past year. Although I am a lazy person at heart and the extra steps to load the z22 (using GSAK & Cachemate) and then doing double fisted caching was a little annoying.... I kept hoping that Garmin would upgrade the 60 firmware to allow for more notes (yes i did have abbreviated notes and hints). I then bought a new Nuvi for the car. So I am a little Garmin crazy. When I saw that the Colorado had the paperless capability I started tracking the progress of firmware. I bet I read every posting from Dec Thru Feb. When it looked like 2.4 fixed most of the problems I ran down to REI (yes I could have saved more money if I bought it online or waited a couple months) and got a 300 and stopped at Frys for a couple of 4mb sdhc cards. I have had it now for a couple weeks and have gone out geocaching and traveling on several occasions. I had a problem with it shutting down at first but I called Garmin. We did a reset and have not had a problem since. I kept the 60 and palm for week to make sure I liked the colorado. And those are now sold. I have had NO problems since the reset. I have NT NA and most of California TOPO 2008 on my unit. Last weekend I loaded a GSAK gpx file with 1900 caches. It all worked flawlessly. My complaints are minor. Battery usage is higher. The screen does not seem as bright. Cold startup time is longer. It is a little tedious going from autorouting on and off street. the 60 was better at that but I bet Garmin fixes that. I consider all of these nits. I am a happy geocacher with my Colorado 300. If you wait they will iron out more of the bugs and it will get cheaper... so maybe it is good to wait. On the other hand..... I am having fun with mine NOW
  20. They provide the larger memory on the 400T for the topo map that they load. I think that when that is on there you have less memory than the 300 left over. I think that is what I have seen other posts. I ended up getting a 300 and got my own sd cards. Fry's had 4GB SDHC cards on say for $14 after rebate. I have a lot of maps so I loaded NT and Topos for most of NA on one (I say most of topos because there is an issue with how many map segments that you can have.... not a memory thing). The other I have loaded up with Europe stuff.
  21. They provide the larger memory on the 400T for the topo map that they load. I think that when that is on there you have less memory than the 300 left over. I think that is what I have seen other posts. I ended up getting a 300 and got my own sd cards. Fry's had 4GB SDHC cards on say for $14 after rebate. I have a lot of maps so I loaded NT and Topos for most of NA on one (I say most of topos because there is an issue with how many map segments that you can have.... not a memory thing). The other I have loaded up with Europe stuff.
  22. The ad states that it is over on Sunday? oops... I am selling this one and a 60CSX. The 60 is over today and the Etrex is tomorrow Sunday. Thanks I was thinking I listed both the same day... but they were nearly a day apart... ergo one day later
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