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  1. Does anybody know if there are any specials or discounts for pathtag.com . I was getting ready to place an order and would love to save a buck.
  2. I am having problems uploaded pictures to my logs to meet the cache owner requirements for there SeaWorld cache in California, every time I start to upload a picture every thing starts ok then about half way through I get an error message from the GC.com website. I have tired different computers in my house with different Windows version and I get the same results. Since I cant get a picture posted on my logs the owners of the caches delete them and I lose the credit for the find. Here is another question since GC change there logging requirement is a photo really necessary to claim credit for the cache anymore?
  3. We are thinking about dumping our Wii because off of the issues we are having with it, so I need your input on the pro’s and cons on the X box and the PS3 gaming systems. Thanks for your help
  4. Thanks for the info, so otherwise I would be down grading if I got the dakota10 with that info.
  5. I am thinking about upgrading to a Garmin Dakota 10 if any body has one out there I would love to here the pro and cons of that unit. I will be upgrading from a Summit and giving that unit to my daughter.
  6. Any cache can be a night cache if you find it in the dark, we have two differnt groups that do just that in the Minneapolis/ St Paul Minnesota area.
  7. I was just going to ask the same question the silly thing is that I have found over 1300 caches, It dont matter if your new or old to this we all make the same mistakes.
  8. I use the Z22 for paperless caching and love it.
  9. Micro's have there time and place but not in the rurual area's, but that is just 2 cents worth.
  10. Stay out of the Anoka County Parks they are not allowed at this time. Today I just place 4 caches in the Coon Rapids area and it wasnt to hard to find a place. Just do a little home work and found out were there is public land and you will get pleanty of idaels. Show up at the Cup of Joe Event in Coon Rapids next week end and get some ideals from some of the veterns there.
  11. When you hooked up your GPS to your computer did it down load all of the drivers for it? If not you will get an error message.
  12. I have only seen the high end Garmin units with a gecache feature.
  13. The only place that I have ever talk to on my walkie-talkie is at events, it also fun listen to cachers asking for hints of a cache location. and there were on channel 2.
  14. I have tried all of the above with no luck then contacted Garmin, they walked me through a master reset also with no luck. They suggested that I send it in for a new refurbished one. Thanks to ever one for there help and comments.
  15. I grab my Garmin HC Summit hoping to garb a couple of caches today only to find out that it wouldn’t turn on. I thought to myself I must have left it on and the batteries must have gone dead. Well I have tired three sets of brand new batteries with no luck. When I try to turn the unit on there seems to a flash of life on the screen for a split second but that is it. The unit has not been dropped or abused in any other manner except from going from a inside temperature to an outside one which should be normal ware and tear if you ask me. Is there any suggestion on how to fix this problem or how to reset the unit? The warranty just ran out on it last Thanksgiving Holiday.
  16. Hi I was wondering if anyone has a sand dollar geocoin that I could buy. You name the price. Or I can swap coins.THNX
  17. The coin is bronze I also found a 2006 compass rose coin which is sliver.
  18. I am sure you can find a Garmin GPS2 for about 60 bucks, That was my first GPS.
  19. I came across a un activated 2006 Rhode Island Geocoin, is this coin worth any thing or should I just drill a hole in it and release it out in the public?
  20. My wife ordered two of them on black friday. I know what I am getting for xmas.
  21. She was also looking at the Garmin260W any coments on that unit? And thanks for your input.
  22. My wife was thinking about buying my 79 year old father in-law a Mio navigation GPS for the car, this sounds like a fairly new company doing business in the USA has any body ever heard any thing about there products or support.
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