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Nocturnal Geocoin looks cool


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Hi everybody,

I have nothing to do with Coins & Pins website but I just noticed the Nocturnal geocoin was available for pre-order there.

I have to say this is looking like one interesting geocoin. A bit pricey but it looks a bit more complex than most.

Anyways i didn't want anybody to miss out so go check it out.


Sorry if there is already a topic on this.

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I agree!


I pre-ordered a bronze yesterday. That's a big coin, 3" diameter, almost 1/2" thick at the center.


I've been into astronomy since the age of 8 but never heard of astrolabes and nocturnal navigation until I got into geocoins. Yes, I know what a sextant is.


Can't wait to see it and play with it.



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