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Great use of the Image Viewer

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Say for example that you want to go after a cache that has a 5 mi. hike or that evil urban micro. Why not take a few other map sources with you? For example, on the 5 mi. hike you may want a portion of the USGS 7.5' Topographic Map or a portion of a Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle. For that evil urban micro, how about those Microsoft Map Point Bird's eye views or some aerials?


What you need to do is take screen shots (Ctrl/Alt/PrtSc) of all the available online map sources that you need and save them as .jpg files (open your Paint [start>Accessories>Paint], paste, and Save as). Then you push them to your CO's SD card.


Voila, you now are able to view those resources while in the field.


Sample screen shots from the CO.







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