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Colorado Screen Protectors


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Has anyone tied a screen protector with their COs?


Did you adapt a preexisting screen protector? If so, what did you use and where did you get it?


Did you purchase one specifically for the CO? If so, what are your thoughts on it? What about that nvisibleSHIELD brand, is it worth the $12 (US)?

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I had some Sony PSP ones spare (I think I got them 5 for $10 equivalent in the UK)


They are absolutely ace (needed trimming slightly). Those of you who know PSPs probably know that they're very difficult to scratch so if you need a screen protector, you need something industrial strength.


I have always found it pointless buying official ones. They're often the same thing, just cut to size. What happens if you make a mistake? You need to buy another. I always make sure I've got far more than I need.

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For years now I've been using heavy duty clear packaging tape for screen protectors. It won't take as much abuse as some of the thick hard plastic screen protectors, but in my experience even on the gps I use in the field it provides enough protection the screen stays safe.


That and for $5 you can have a lifetime worth of it, at least until you have to start taping other things :anibad:

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Has anyone tied a screen protector with their COs?


What about that nvisibleSHIELD brand, is it worth the $12 (US)?


It's now only $6! I havn't tried it yet - but I'm going to. Especially since it seems that they are the only ones with a protector, that is cut to fit the Colorado.




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