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Circular Walks for Caching

La Fifi

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1. Around Dudmaston Hall - Covers the "Wacky Races" series and the "Ickle- Fisherty" series as well, total of 14 caches in around 5-6 miles.


2. From Nordley - The Nordley Wallk series, 8 caches (GC19KFK is first - there is a map of the route on the listing page). This is a new series, only one find on each cache so far.



We'd like to add to the list with a brand new series forming a circular walk in the same area.


The Tupperware Trail (GC1D3A0 is the first) by The Washers (who placed The Nordley Walk). Comprising 12 caches plus one 'Shropshire Church Gems' along the way. A super walk of approximately 6.25 miles which took us 3.5 hours to complete.


Izzy & Paul

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Bringing this one back to the top for a bit of advice, really.


I'm interested in walking some of Hadrians Wall, but of course, want to combine that with a wee spot of caching.


So, I sat and plotted all of the nearby caches onto the maps of these published walks


Its a freely available website, so should not fall foul of the 'C' word, but I also don't want to fall foul of any copyright or other publishing guidelines.


Is there a way I can make these home made caching routes available for all?


Cheers, m'dears.


La Fifi

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We recently completed a 5 mile walk starting from Avebury which we enjoyed greatly, starting at the national trust car park it takes you via Silbury hill, West kennet long barrow and the sanctuary, along the ridgeway and back into Avebury along the Wessex ridgeway. If you want you can extend the walk to take in the Earthcache at Fyfield and the Windmill hill cache. We found this excellent walking country.

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