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76CSx selecting & unselecting Maps & Charts

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Hi. I have a Garmin 76CSx and have loaded one region of Bluechart Americas and have also loaded City Nav.V.2008 NT.


The problem is.... when I get ready to use the GPS on the water and want to UN-Select all of the Road Map segments so all I have is the Charts.... how can I do it without taking forever to scroll thru all of the map segments and unselect them ?


The same questions for the other way around... how to un-select all of the charts so all I see is the road maps from City Navigator ?


Did I load the maps & charts the wrong way when I loaded them to the 76CSx ? Is there a way to move the entire Blue Chart anr/or the CN.NA.NT to the unit as a whole instead of in segments ? That wuld make it easy to turn one or the other off and on. I have a LOT of maps and charts to have to scroll thru.


Yes... I know I could load and unload the maps using Mapsource... btu I'm taking the unit on vacation and will not have my PC to do that.


Thanks for any help.



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You don't have to do it the segment by segment - when you are at the screen where you do that hit the Menu key again...


See here:






THANKS ! That will help a ton.


It amazes me that there are so many hidden features on these units. If these were highlighted and explained in the owners manual people would realize how advanced these GPSr's can be.


Thanks again. Tim

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