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  1. Up to now I've only grabbed small areas here and there. Tonight I've queued up 40 tiles, each one at 95MB (111 sq miles) - for a total of 4,400 sq miles. It will be interesting to see what happens... So far 2 tiles have downloaded and the download rate is very erratic - first tile took 10 minutes, second tile took 55 minutes. Each tile was sized to 95 MB, first tiles data files add up to about 40MB, second tile 65 MB. It seems it might be processing the data as it downloads? I created an automation utility to tile an area and initiate each of the downloads, it works pretty good but needs some more testing and cleanup - you can see a (bad) video of it in action:
  2. Anybody know whether this, http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Ap...ort-1157801.htm is going to be something the average Joe can take advantage of? It's presented as something for groups... I don't want (or need) my own "geocaching network" but it would be nice to upload a set of custom points.
  3. Yes, using the latest beta firmware...lot's of info in the very first post of this thread.
  4. OK, I was causing some problems with the way I cut the kmz from GM. Doing it the correct way has made things a lot faster....still getting a lock up if I zoom in too far though. Another one: Note: The above is NOT GE imagery.
  5. Here are a couple of shots from the state park map I was using for testing: I'm using Globalmapper to cut kmz's from some existing maps that I had. Pretty painless, GM cuts them into 1024x1024 chunks and it sounds like Mike is going put in a Garmin raster specific export to streamline the process even more. The maps look great, panning and zooming is slow but that might be because of the number/size of images in the kmz. Also on a couple of occasions when zooming in I've had the unit sort of lock up (doesn't display any maps) that has required a reboot. This weekend I'll get out moving to see how it works during actual tracking (instead of panning around).
  6. Excellent condition (only 10 months old) - have too many GPS units and don't use this one enough... Delorme Earthmate PN-40 - Topo 8 software - 8 pin/USB cord - standard 32MB SD card - lanyard, original box RAM-Mount Cradle - http://www.ram-mount.com/CatalogResults/Pa...85/Default.aspx Delorme Nylon Case - http://shop.delorme.com/OA_HTML/DELibeCCtd...p;section=10095 Delorme Travel Kit - 1300 mAh Li-ion battery pack w/ charger (AC & 12V adaptors) - 8 pin/mini-USB connector - USB/mini-USB cord w/ AC & 12V adaptors - screen protectors - case $275 - includes free USPS priority shipping within US - paypal for payment
  7. "All in one" software (have their own GUI and compiler): http://www.mapwel.biz/ http://www.mapman.org.uk/ "The" compiler: http://www.cgpsmapper.com/ GUI for compiler: http://www.geopainting.com/en/ Tutorials: http://home.cinci.rr.com/creek/garmin.htm http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=146955 http://www.gpsinformation.org/adamnewham/a...1/gpsmapper.htm
  8. Keep in mind this was the first week they were out at REI and there wasn't a lot of information available and each "test" meant suffering through the power up, mass storage mode, mandatory shutdown cycle... First I wasted a lot of time trying to find a "hidden" menu or option. I then wasted more time trying to figure out how to get it to connect to a PC without going into mass storage mode... I then found a forum where someone said they did it the same as the Nuvi... I then found some info where it said - and I'm still not sure if this is true - that the Nuvi took screenshots by hitting the power button... I spent an obscene amount of time hitting the power button in every way you can imagine... Eventually gave up on the power button and moved on to the others....and stumbled on the correct solution... And after all that I ended up returning it.
  9. If you ran the installer then the maps have been installed "into" MapSource. So all you need to do is start MapSource and switch to the maps. This can done from the "Select a Product" drop down field - usually to the left on the toolbar. This can also be done by selecting the "View" menu and selecting the "Switch to Product" item... Either way you should see a list of maps and one of them should be named "Ibycus..." - select that and you should see the new maps in MapSource.
  10. I installed TC and took a quick look. It also died on a custom map (not one of mine). I used Process Monitor to get an idea of what was going on. It starts up, reads all of the MapSource registry information and then starts reading the index (tdb) file of every map installed. It's when it gets to an index (tdb) of a custom map that it aborts... I'm going to post a message over on the Yahoo GPS Maps forum to see if anyone knows anything...
  11. Questions about TC: I assume that TC is just a special version of MapSource. Is this true? Can it be installed in parallel with MapSource? Thanks,
  12. Hi Todd, That's seems odd. If you don't mind could you export your registry entires for MapSource and send them to me? Here's how to do that: - run regedit (from a command prompt or Start -> Run) - navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Garmin\MapSource - right click on MapSource and select Export - save as a .reg file - send me the file Do you use any other custom maps and if so any issues with those? Thanks for the information,
  13. The maps look great! Reminds me that I need to see the Canyon one of these days...
  14. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...11&t=187709 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...11&t=187972
  15. Hi Lalita, Yes I did - thank you. Hopefully I will be able to get it incorporated when the next revision happens. Thanks again,
  16. As others have noted you can only see one map at a time within MapSource. Either you're seeing a custom map that includes the trails or you're seeing a map with the trails loaded in as tracks...
  17. Hello all, I hope to have a small patch available this weekend to address the above issues. I haven't accomplished a lot over the last week except trying to get things cleaned up and organized. Basically ran out of disk space and have been dealing with that. Current effort (not including the Montana patch): - Colorado trail work - California data processing - testing some transparent overlay maps Upcoming effort: - major Wyoming revision - minor Utah revision plus trail work
  18. Hello, I hope you enjoy the maps. For more information on the Colorado mapset and other states I and others are working on you can check out the following thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=187709
  19. Well, we're working on it one state at a time... Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana are done. California, Arizona, Washington, Idaho and Oregon are being worked on... bmirak - My next revision of Colorado will have the trail data available from the NPS included, I don't know how accurate the data is but probably a good start.
  20. Well, that's hard to answer - probably best to point you the website to look at the screenshots from the other mapsets I've built... The CA mapset should be about the same as those (as far as data used, details, etc.).
  21. Thanks snowfleurys and coggins - I tried to download it but kept getting errors... Given the above feedback I will continue forward with the CA work. FAIR WARNING: Although I've been helped tremendously by Marky and Barrikady it's going to take awhile to get CA done. It is a huge state with a lot of data... Thanks everyone,
  22. California Query It was noted on FreeGeographyTools (http://freegeographytools.com/) that a free custom 24K scale topo map was already available for CA: http://www.vr6.com/gps/ Can some of you guys from CA check this out and let me (us) know how it looks? I'm getting ready to dig into some of the CA work but I may re-evaluate if the above mapset is good - it doesn't make sense to do redundant work. Thanks,
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