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  1. yagazoo, Great work ! Thanks you very much for that solution. I'm going to give it a try as soon as I get a chance. Regards.
  2. Am I the only one.... or do you all feel like Garmin should make Enhanced functions of CityXplorer compatible with their HandHelds? I was disappointed to learn that the Montana isn't compatible with the enhanced Pedestrian mode and Public Transportation Mode. I carry my old Nuvi885t around with me when walking City street and have also tried using my 76CSx, but of course, neither one of those works with the Enhanced CityXplorer modes either. The handhelds are MADE for use while walking.... so to me, it would make sense to be able to use CityXplorer in the Metropolitan areas for finding Public Transportation and being able to create a walking route when in a Pedestrian Mode. The maps themselves are compatible, but not the most important feature of CityXplorer.
  3. Waambat, Where are you located ? Are you in the USA ?
  4. Which one would most of you buy today ? The Oregon 550 or the Montana 650? I know the Montana has more features/capabilities then the Oregon, but the Montana is pretty large to stuff into your pocket whereas the Oregon is more compact. I lean toward the Montana 650 but would like some opinions. Thanks !
  5. I wonder if it has something to do with the scrren calibration issue ? Perhaps they are switching suppliers for the screens.
  6. I wonder if anyone would mind posting a photo of the pattern. Providing it's something that can be captured in a photo. If this pattern is more than just someones perception, it could be very helpful to those concerned. I agree that a picture of the "HoneyComb" pattern or what to look for would be an helpful thing. Thanks.
  7. Here you go: http://www8.garmin.com/software/Montana_WebUpdater__360.gcd Subraid, THANK YOU ! I kept trying to use the WebUpdater but kept getting the error message "Update File is Corrupted". I appreciate it. Tim
  8. Anyone have the 3.60 update as standalone rather than using the webupdater ?
  9. Mine has a S/N that starts with 28V also. But I haven't even turned it on to check out the screen yet. I thought the Bad unit S/N's seemed to be start with 28T but now here is yours starting with 28V. So still no definitive pattern yet.
  10. I see Garmin just put out new software for the 62/78 series and they have this note about :Future" Base Compatibilty. What does it mean ? Important steps for future BaseCamp Compatibility: If you are a user of BaseCamp now, or plan to be in the future, you must follow these steps to ensure your data is protected during this software update: Connect your handheld unit to a computer and launch BaseCamp. Transfer all tracks, routes and waypoints to BaseCamp. Delete the /Garmin/GPX folder from the handheld's mass storage. Update the handheld's software via WebUpdater and reboot the handheld. Reconnect the handheld to a computer and transfer your data from BaseCamp back to the handheld. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Geez... it sounds like Garmin should scrap the entire firmare/software package for the Montana and start over from scratch. This seems to have the most inconsistant series of bugs so far in a new unit. I would expect their capabilities to IMPROVE and for Garmin to be able to whip out firmaware that works with their eyes closed.
  12. If it's hardware I'm surprised we haven't heard from a lot more who are experiencing the problem. Maybe it's only a range of serial numbers which are affected using some sort of defective part from a supplier and then they changed suppliers. Or could it be it just takes time for the part to go bad? Seems like the problems is reported to get worse as time goes on.
  13. And no screen calibration fix either. Although, I have read some people think it's a hardware problem and not a software issue.
  14. What is the latest version for the Garmin US TOPO 100K maps ? Is it 2008 or is there a newer one ? Thanks
  15. Did she load those maps on her PC in MapSource or Basecamp ? If so, it should be a simple matter to re-load them back onto the 400t. If it is registered in MYGARMIN, I wonder why garmin would not just supply a link to D/L the map or send her a DVD with the maps on it rather than making her send the unit back to them.
  16. Yes.. you are correct that you are paying so much more for the 78Sc because it comes pre-loaded with marine charts for the entire US. They are the g2 charts which are the newer generation. They are NOT tghe g2 "Vision" chats. The 78 series is more geared toward marine use since they do float. The new 62 series does not float. If you don't want or need charts, than I'd suggest the 76CSx. But you are going to have to buy chats for it and the charts are expensive. Also... I don't know what type of marine use you mean, but the pre-loaded charts are coastal charts and not inland lakes. I have a 76CSx and it's been great, but I had to buy the charts I needed by region, and that added up. I'd go for the 78Sc now-a-days since the chats are for all regions in the US.
  17. The comment about the memory was based on another post in the forum by another member: QUOTE:"As a little help: GPSmap 62, 62s, 78 and 78s contains 2GB of flash memory with 1,7GB of free space available. GPSmap 62st and 78sc contains 4GB of flash memory with various free space wich depends on what local maps are preloaded. On a european model, the european recreational map uses 3,4GB plus 150MB for unit software, basemap and documentations (stored on memory now). So you have about 400-500MB free space now. You can expand the memory by using MicroSD-Cards with up to 8GB within the GPSmap 62s, 62st, 78, 78s and 78sc. The GPSmap 62 doesn't have a MicroSD card slot available.": UNQUOTE Seems like I have read before that the hhigher end units that come with pre-loaded maps/charts do have a greater amount of memory. You can't believe the memory stat Garmin show on their website as it usually refers to the "Available" memory only and does not reflect total memory with a deduction for pre-loaded maps/charts.
  18. The 550t has a large ramount of factory built-in memory too to accomodate the pre-loaded maps. Maybe that's important to you and maybe not... but I thought I'd mention it.
  19. Doesn't the 62st also have more built-in factory memory than the 62s or 62 ? I know you can always add more storage memory with memcards, but having some additonal built-in memory is something some people like.
  20. I had wondered if the Golf Course maps that Garmin uses were compatible on their other HH GPS Units other than the "Approach" units. But when I went on the Garmin website and looked at the product compatibility with the Golf Approach map updates, it only listed the Approach 3 & 5 units. As mentioned earlier, it would seem it's a specific/specialized Firmware that's needed to use the Golf maps. I wonder if it's possible to push that special golf firmware onto any other Garmin HandHelds ?
  21. Thank You for the fast response g-o-cashers.
  22. Has anyone ever definately discovered or confirmed if the 62st is using the SiRF or the Cartesio Chipset ? There were pictures floating around on some other sites showing a cracked open 78 and it had the Cartesio chipset. But no one has any pictures of the inside of the 62 that I've seen. Thanks.
  23. tooplayful, Thanks for the info.... it's great !
  24. yes of course. but if you're after storage, get the non-T model and put an SD card in. that's way cheaper than getting the T and then deleting the pre-installed map. so that's not really an argument in favor of the T models. Hi dfx, I was not looking to make an arguement for or against the 't' models. I was just pointing out that there was another difference between the 't' and non "t" models. The 't' model runs about $100 more and between the pre-installed maps AND 4 gb of memory, it's not really that much more... especially if you wanted the Garmin maps.
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