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Build your own GPS

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Everyone has their pet peeves about every GPS receiver they've ever owned, and features they'd like to see implemented. Well, here's a chance to do something about it. Bug Labs is about to unleash some open-source hardware that allows tinkerers to snap different modules together and create electronic devices. Modules to be available at release will be the base unit, small touch-screen, digital camera, GPS, and accelerometer. More modules are scheduled for later in the year, including a larger touch screen. Developers are encouraged to share their applications -- there's already a "location aware to-do list" with home, office, and "grocery store" categories.


It's pricey, even with the early-adopter discount. And it's probably not waterproof. But it's the sort of thing that a lot of people here have been wishing for -- hardware unencumbered by proprietary APIs. I tried a bluetooth GPSr and a Palm handheld, and took a stab at writing something for Geocaching, and promptly tossed it all on eBay - too many hoops to jump through. So, now it'd be possible to snap together the hardware, collaborate and write the software, and then take it to Garmin, Magellan, et al., and say - "HERE! This is how I want it to work!"


Even if you're not interested in tinkering with this stuff (or can't afford to go buy it at the moment), you might want to keep a bookmark to that site, just to see what's cooking...

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