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How to change time on a Magellan Triton 200

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I've been setting up my Triton today and the time is wrong on it.I've set the correct time zone but it's still about 20 minutes off.How do I set the time?

There may be something wrong with your unit. If it were integer hours off, it would likely be a timezone thing, but it doesn't sound like it. If there's one thing that GPS receivers know, it's the correct time. The satellites tell the receivers what time it is so that the receivers can use triangulation to know where they're at. I'd suggest putting it in clear view of satellites for a half hour or so and see if it sorts itself out.

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Maybe it's one of those "Back to the Future" GPS units. You are just ahead of your time my friend!


BTW... Mine is off every time I boot it up... once it gets the sats.. it corrects itself.


Also when I first turned mine on.... it said the Max Speed was like 233mph... wow that FedEx guy is FAST!!! I thought there was something weird when his name tag said "Ricky Bobby"...

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I figured it out. Create a profile and pick the correct time zone. I guess the default time zone setting on mine was "American Samoa".


It's in the manual, but there's nothing in the table of contents resembling "reset time".


My old Magellan had a time zone setting (but, not as a profile). I set it when I first got the unit, and forgot about it.

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If it were exactly x hours off then all you have to do is correct the time zone.

What you see is related to firmware issues, I only thought were part of the Meridian series. To correct this you have to do a master reset.


BUT first save all your waypoints, routes and tracks.

Make a note of any customization you have made to your unit such as disabling some screens, screen contrast, secondary coordinate formats and datum, data field and so on.

Press whatever keystroke sequence you need to do a MASTER RESET, it's one of the hidden menu items so check the yahoo magellan users group or web accessable FAQ.

Put your GPS out in the open for up to 20 minutes to re-acquire the satellite almanac.

It should be correct at this time.

RE-load all your data and make your customizations.


Sometimes Magellans will reset on their own back to the correct time, I've only seen that happen once. On the other hand I've had it set itself to the incorrect time at least 15 times in 3 years.

Garmins reset their clock each time you turn it on and it picks up at least 4 satellites.

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My Triton 400 is exactly six hours behind. I haven't found how to reset the time. I RTFM'ed, but didn't find anything in the manual. My old Magellan Sportrak took the time from the satellites and had a timezone setting.


Perhaps it's a "new feature request" that the Magellan programmers have yet to code?


I just went in to view then clicked on settings and time and date.


p.s. scroll down in settings


(after updating sofware from website)


triton 400 :)

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