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  1. A looked at a few random caches from around the country and none of them showed the coordinates.It says it's available only to premium members.The coordinates are in question marks.And I am logged in.
  2. I am not a premium member,so I can't see the co-ordinates to caches.But my uncle who also isn't premium somehow can.Am I supposed to be able to see them or is he not supposed to?
  3. I've been setting up my Triton today and the time is wrong on it.I've set the correct time zone but it's still about 20 minutes off.How do I set the time?
  4. I'm going to bump this thread up now.Especially because the only person that replied on tritonforums.com directed me to a thread here.I just need step by step directions.I'm a noob.Thanks
  5. I got it for Christmas and I'd like to know how to get it ready to go geocaching and navigate efficently.Thanks
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