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How does the Vista HCX perform for geocaching?


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I've read as much as I could in this forum and I realize that the Vista HCX still has some problems that need to be resolved based on recent posts. I believe some early problems were fixed with software updates. My impression is that it is a great unit for geocaching - holds the signal well and has good accuracy. Is it a unit that's comparable in performance to the 60CSX and other Geocaching frontrunners? I'm considering getting one. Thanks. sli23sli

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I have geocached since August 2001 and have had a lot of GPSs, Magellan and Garmin. Since I am 83 years old I could care less about my speed or tracks. I am only interested in Geocaching and the Etrex Vista HCx does that very well. In fact, I just ordered one for my Son in Alaska for Christmas. I have the entire North America on a 2 GB chip. It has never lost satellites for me here in the heavy forested

Pacific North West. I also have the Quest 2, 76S, and the 76C. Took me a while to learn to hold it horizontal and the compass works great. It has the same maps 2008NT as in the Quest 2 and routes just as good, just doesn't talk to you but the alerts are just fine. For the price, I recommend it. Dick, W7WT

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I have the Vista HCx, and it works great for Geocaching. The fact that it doesn't correctly record the distance of the hikes I take doesn't impact its ability to zero in on the cache location. I prefer the smaller size of the eTrex models, although others prefer the larger 60CSx. With the City Navigator maps installed, the unit auto-routes just as well as a friend's GPS Map60CSx.

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