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What's the best starter GPS I get get for $100.00?

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Whatever you get, make sure it has a cable that you can connect your GPSr to a computer. It gets very tedious typing in all the coordinates by hand, and mistakes will be made that will lead you to the wrong spot.


I think you can get an Magellan Explorist 210 for that price. I can't say if it is the best you can do.

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99.00 is a great deal!


What street maps can you load on the Legend? I have a copy of City Nav 2008 NT. Will that work?



The Legend has only 8 MB of memory. You can load a wider area of Topo maps on it, but I don't know if you could fit more than one CN map tile on that little bit of memory. The area covered would be very limited. I don't think you would want to waste an Unlock Code on a Legend, either. :(


For the OP, keep in mind that the less-expensive units connect to a computer with the Serial port. If you have a laptop, or other newer computer that only has USB connectors, you will have to purchase the Serial to USB adapter . . . and some of those work, others are not so good.

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