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  1. I just bought one and I registered it to myself, but I'd like to give it to my husband and transfer it to his stash.
  2. I know I have seen them before but cannot seem to locate them now. thanks!!
  3. Where do I get the slip of paper that in place in with my geocoin? Thanks!
  4. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1140392383432 Good price? Will I be happy with is for awhile?
  5. That's what I have got to spend for right now. I want to know what would be the best one I could get for 100.00. Keep in mind, I am a mom of 4 kids. I'm not gonna be traveling all over the world. This is just for fun. I don't need the dings and whistles. Thanks for any advice you might have.
  6. It's the pink gerbera micro daisy http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...N:IT&ih=020 It's a replica of a samll tattoo that I have. :-) So, now what? Do I out it in my first cache find,with a log book and a destination? There is also a travel bug motel a few miles from here? How does that work? Are they for coins also? Coins can have a destination, right? They are not only for trading? Thanks for all the help.
  7. Could someone explain to me exactly what an earthcache is? Thanks
  8. I would feel the same way, if and when I ever get my own cache's out there. I also really enjoy descriptive logs. I want to know what you saw, what you took, what yhou left. I think that is part of the fun? I get dissapointed when a cache in my watch list gets logged and all I see is; "Found it. TFTC".
  9. Unfortunately you will find that most previous finders didn't do the same, so don't be disappointed when you open a container filled with total garbage. The journey and the hunt is the real prize anyway. I believe in karma.... eventually, if you give enough, something cool will work it's way around to you.
  10. Unfortunatley, I haven't been able to venture down the hill to the cache spot yet. My father is sick to the point of being bedridden and is staying with us until he feels better. It may be a few days before I can go. :-( Meanwhile, since I've been stuck in the house, I have been like a sponge, reading and learning as much as I can about all of it. I have been reading all of it my dad and he is excited to be back up and walking again so he can go with me. :-) I have a question? Is there forum for each state? Where I could possibly search a friend to pair up with?
  11. This is getting more and more exciting and I haven't even started yet. My neighbor and I are going on our first hunt in the morning. We are going to walk to the wetlands trail and look for the Three Hole Tree cache. It's about a block from our house. We have spent all night looking for the perfect things to leave. Keep in mind that we are doing this without a GPS. :-)
  12. That sounds neat. I am already planning my first cache but I will wait until I have found a few before I actually make one. Is it ok etiquette for me to ask about a cache idea?
  13. I think if I found a cache and someone's sig item was in it, that would be the item I would choose. I am already trying to find a sig item for myself. What I have in mind are wooden, tiny parrots and/or tiny bare feet. Whatdoyathink?
  14. THANKS!!! That looks like a great date day to plan with my hubby! I figure the sooner I get him addicted, the sooner I get a GPS.
  15. How do I find a cache by name such as this one? Thanks
  16. I JUST learned about geocaching last night and I am already addicted!! LOL I haven't left my computer all day just trying to get as much knowledge as I can. I have a cache spotted only a few blocks from my house and am going to make it my first adventure. For the record, I don't have a GPS unit and probably won't until after Christmas. So, my first searches should prove to be interesting...lol. I figure if I start right from my house, at least I'll be familiar with the clues. I am SOOOOO excited about this and really look forward to it. Any advice?
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