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4-H Geocoins?

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I am a 4-H leader and my new gps club is thinking about making some wooden nickels as trade items for the club. That (and seeing the Scouting Geocoins forum) got me to thinking... I wonder if there are any geocoins based on the 4-H Program? My kids thought about minting one, but decided it was just too pricey for our small club.


Anyone know of any 4-H geocoins?


Thanks in advance,



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The scouting forums isn't so much a forums as it is a thread in the coins forum. The link (the best I can think) is



As for the lack of a 4-H Coin, I think I am going to send a letter to the National 4-H Mall (the online 4-H store from National 4-H Headquarters) and suggest that they make a coin and order 1000 of them in sequnce, to be sold to 4-H GPS clubs.


I am on the National 4-H Geospatial Science Taskforce, so maybe I can pull a little clout and make this one happen. Geospatial Science is a big initiative right now in 4-H witha new curriculum just recently released and the whole bit, so I hope I can play on the Hot Topic card. Wish me luck. If anyone hears about a 4-H Coin in the meantime, let me know. And I will post again if I have any luck with National!



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My family was HUGE into 4-H while I was growing up. It's a big part of who I am and what shaped me.


I love the idea of a 4-H coin, and it would be great if you could get the larger organization to fund it. If they won't, though, you could make some pathtags! They're still very nice and a lot cheaper.

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I would also be interested in a few 4-H coins if you had them made.


4-H is where I met my wife 23yrs ago when she was 9yrs old.


I was sweet on her then, I was 11yrs old, and we were an "item"


until we were around 15-16yrs old. Decided to go our seperate ways


until I was about 23, gave her a call and a year later we were married.


So, thanks to 4-H I have the wonderful family I have now.



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I found the geocaching website by accident. I was trying to find the 4-H project using digital cameras and GPS to upload "my favorite places." I found a link to geocaching.com instead. My 4-her and her friend have become quite a team, and now I rarely "find" the cache. They're out of the car as soon as we stop! Geocaching is really an activity that we can participate in the "off-season" (i.e. when we don't have animals and chores to do), although I think the girls would go daily if someone would take them. A 4-H geocoin would make great gifts. Let me know if you need additional support in getting the coins minted.



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Hey, thanks for the support folks. I think I am going to draft up a letter to National today, as I sit at home and watch the snow fall. Today in the Rochester area, lots of snow has closed most of the schools. Yeah!!


yeah, unfortunately not mine though!!! figures.


i hope to be able to come to your 4H event this year, as i missed it last year. I would also look forward to finding your coins in local caches and moving them around



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