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Cache-less TB idea

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My Idea is to make a TB that is ONLY passed from player to player. Has this already been done? I figure that asking players to pass a TB from person to person would work pretty well, but I would also like to see mileage. My first thought would be to ask players to log it in and out of caches nearest the handoff, but that would cause problems with notes being added to caches owned by cachers that don't want them. So, how do I work this idea out to fruition? Obviously Event Caches make it simple, but the driving force behind the thought is to get players to meet each other in person, outside of the normal party event.

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Hmm... ok, I found two of them that were the same name. Both being hiking sticks. Very cool stuff.

I was thinking about attaching a book to a TB and letting people pass it. I think that I'll go smaller than a hiking stick, but still ask about marking the waypoint where transferred. Does anyone think that a compass would be well received? Also, the TB's are aluminum and would not effect a compass - would they?

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It would be one way of keeping your bug from ending up "missing" :laughing:


You'd think so.


I can't find the bug that used to be on my watchlist but it was mailed from cacher to cacher. Still got lost; probably from someone losing interest. Sure wish people would lose interest after they first took responsibility for someone else's bug.

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