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The Uncool Cape Caching Topic

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OK. Sorry to post this but am wanting to get a feel for how things are out there right now.


I have been hiding out in my house workign for too long and am longing for some days in the fynbos again.


At the cache event on Saturday I heard it mentioned that it is not safe to cache alone in TMNP currently. How bad is crime this spring, and what are the areas that are affected most so I can avoid them if alone? Would love to take Geo-P on some hikes (er...caches) but don't want him to be in a bad area as well.


So please post hot spots, so we can know before heading out for the plastic! Regretfully posting, Vespax.



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As far as I know the "safer" area is Silvermine, on the side of the official gate / dam. But then the cellphone reception is patchy at best, so still not "safe" to cache alone in case there is an accident. I have not heard of mugging in that area yet.

Silvermine on the Muizenberg side is still ok, but there have been muggings on the far side down towards the coast - like past St James Peak.


I have been advised (by regular / frequent walkers & hikers) to walk in groups of at least 3 in places like Cecilia (& the Arboretum) & preferably when the rangers are out & in reasonable hours when there are many people about. Preferable to have a carguard about if you are parking a car there.

Peak walking hours are safer, but then more muggles about.


For places like Noordhoek beach, I was advised to stick to "peak" times like Sunday morning unless I am in a group.


Sandy Bay to the boss - I was advised to stay in a group on the "clear" paths & not to Bundu bash. Apparently there have been quite a few muggings further along Karbonkleberg to Hout Bay.


Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve fairly safe - have not heard of any incidents. I felt safe doing 3 caches there.


Apparently, Kirstenbosch still ok in the cultivated gardens, but further up towards the contour - groups advised.

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Thanks CapeRat.


I am sure this is a taboo topic, but wanted to get some input.


Now for the rain to clear soon. <_<

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My tactics are to stick to the more dangerous routes. these arent so busy, so muggers would be silly to hang out there.

I suggest you do Frodos Journey, Not for the faint hearted and Traverse Reverse.

the only dangerous areas would be the first sections before the routes start getting tricky!


I got a chance to use my pepper spray last weekend. I was mugged by those darn baboons at crystal pools again, but I managed to show them whose boss this time!


My friends from Uk were also mugged in town last week. Bummer!

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