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Updating Forum Signature


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I'm not new, but each time I've modified my signature on my Geocaching.com profile page, I've had trouble getting the update reflected in the forums.


I remember finding something once that said, "Click the reset button and you'll be good." Or something like that. I never could figure out where that elusive button was supposed to be. Now, I can't remember how I eventually got mine changed last time.


Doing a search for "signature" in the Getting Started forum didn't bring up anything useful and it doesn't seem to be included in Jeremy's FAQ list, so I thought I ask here, so that others would be able to easily find the directions.


Can you help me? Please include specific step-by-step directions, to make this the most useful to future seekers.




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It work for me doing this:


- Edited the profile, with the new sig.

- Saved it.

- Then followed the link to the forums via menu, and clicked on the "Enter the Groundspeak Forums"


Worked fine.


If you edit the sig and then go straight to the forums, for example, through a bookmark in your browser, the changes won't be reflected.


@ http://www.geocaching.com/forums/register.aspx


Your account information has been updated in the forums


If you make any future changes to your account here on Geocaching.com, such as your forum signature or username, you will need to revisit this page before logging into the forums so your information will update.


Enter the Groundspeak Forums



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Gee, that was simple enough. I'd tried that, but I think the key was logging out of both first and closing all my IE windows.


I usually come into the forums from a link my my personal website, so don't normallly use the GC.com link.


Thanks. My updated sig is below.




Dave, how did you get your sig line to show the links without them being in the box? I know html but I just can't seem to get it to work for me.

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Dave, how did you get your sig line to show the links without them being in the box? I know html but I just can't seem to get it to work for me.


I'm not sure. I don't have any blank lines. I seem to remember a post about that being an issue.


That was it, no blank lines.



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