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WAAS satellites

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Is there only 1 WAAS satellite now on the East Coast of the USA?

My satellite screen shows 1 being received, and 1 that it never gets. That one is also in a strange position, not very far from the good one.

When I go into the hidden menus on my GPS it shows 'dat' from the first at an expected azimuth and elevation of 114 and 15 degrees with a good Signal to Noise ratio but a rediculous value for the bad one, 155 degrees azimuth and 38 degrees elevation.

The good one is satellite 120 as identified by Magellan, and the bad one is satellite 122. Other GPS manufacturers identify them differently by PRN number and so on.


There was once a link in this forum section to a satellite status page somewhere. If these is such a page it should be pinned if possible.


Oh, I'm at my library at N42 31.580 W071 45.730, but have noticed this for the last month or so and all over from Delaware to Maine.


edited to input satellite numbers.

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I was looking in the "what's your accuracy?" thread and I was embarrassed to post. I have a Vista HCx and I frequently see it going to 30 ft, and I leave WAAS on all the time. I'm in Georgia and if there's an "East Coast" problem, maybe that explains it. What satellites should I be watching for WAAS?

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The two WAAS (POR / AOR-W) satellites that was serving the West and East coast has been decommissioned as of July 30, 2007. There are two (GAL XV / ANIK F1R) that are replacing them, unfortunately both on the west coast, which will be very low on your horizon.


The PRN#120 AOR-E is the European version of WAAs called EGNOS, so that is why your gpsr can't use it.


Satellite Name & Details SVN / PRN Location

Galaxy XV ID #48 / PRN #135 133°W


Anik F1R ID #51 / PRN #138 107°W


Pacific Ocean Region (POR) ID #47 / PRN #134 178°E

(Ceased WAAS transmissions 7/30/07)


Atlantic Ocean Region-West ID #35 / PRN #122 142°W

(Ceased WAAS transmissions 7/30/07)


Atlantic Ocean Region-East ID #33 / PRN #120 15.5°W



I can see both current WAAS satellites PRN#135 and PRN#138 but I am in Hawaii so they are fairly high on my horizon. All the big three companies Garmin, Magellan, Lawrance can pick up these WAAS satellites, including the Delorme PN-20. I know most gpsr users of the contenental US can pick up both of these satellites as well, except on some part of the east cost which are limited to PRN#138. You may need to get to a higher ground to see PRN#138 from where you are.


Check out:

WAAS news

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This is great info. Thanks.

I have just noticed though that regular satellite 17 seems to be out of comission as number 15 was several months ago. Will have to put a 12V sealed lead acid battery on my roof with my GPS and keep it on for 24+ hours to see what other satellites it does not see.

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Ah, found it:



from a posting a couple months ago.



And wsgaskins's link is great. Looks like the East Coast is a war zone or something. I feel that the govermnment has deserted us. Don't we ALL pay for the GPS constellation with our taxes?

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