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Problem with PQs and attributes


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I attempted to include and later exclude attributes in a pocket query and the site will not let me select any of the attributes. I got the same issue in both IE6 and FF2 in WinXP. In IE6, when you click on one of them, a message saying "Error on page" is displayed on the bottom status bar in IE.

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Same problem, Firefox on MacOS.


Maybe related to the new option just above it to select by a user-specified date range? That option *might* be useful to me so I appreciate it being added, but not if it's what is breaking the attribute selection.

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Anyone else having this problem?


Still can't select any attributes in my PQs.. :unsure:


Yes, you cannot create a PQ and select attributes (either include or exclude) on the PQ page. I don't get any type of error -- the attribute just doesn't turn from a shaded icon to a darkened icon as if it was selected.



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