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Introduction - another newbie!

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Good afternoon!


I'd like to say hello to everyone! I'm a newbie, introduced to the game by ATMS. My husband, Pat (aka Road Maven) and I love road trips (not only Route 66 as my name suggests, but all two lane highways, country roads, etc...). We love seeing the US, whether big cities, small towns or any points in between. We have day jobs, but we also are occasional writers for AMERICAN ROAD Magazine. I also do some photography for them, and we moderate their forum as well.


So, I told my husband about geocaching and he too enjoys the new addiction - err...game as well! It's a perfect way to make our road trips **even more** fun! We spent both days this weekend geocaching! We can already see it will bring us to so many more new places we haven't been, or might not even think about going to.


We already use mapping software to plot routes, trace old roads, etc. One of our interests is to find old auto trails/routes and trace them along modern-day roads. In July, we did this for an old Indiana auto trail called the "Ben Hur Route" for a photo essay for the magazine. I was getting my feet wet as a staff photographer, taking some additional photos to supplement those of the editor. So this week, I took my GPX file of the auto trail route and found caches along it....we can already see that we'll really use the "caches along a route" feature extensively!


We're having such a great time at this! :D




P.S. If anyone's interested, there is an excerpt from the Ben Hur article available here:

American Road sample issue I also wrote the "Kitchen Little" article. :laughing: If you're ever in Mystic, Connecticut, there's not a better breakfast to be had! (These articles will only be posted until the next issue comes out)

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I spent a week in Mystic back in July and I thought I had found every restaurant. Looks like I missed a good one...


Well, it's only 400 square feet...true to it's name, it's little and easy to miss. If you ever get back there, it's just north of Mystic Seaport, on the same side of the road (by the river).

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Welcome newbie! I am hoping to do route 66 shortly before summer. Good luck out there. Happy caching!!


Traveling Route 66 is really fun - you will have a great time! If you aren't familiar with the routing of 66, pick up a copy of the EZ66 Guide by Jerry McClanahan - it's the best book on 66 there is. Though, I noticed more and more maps are showing "Historic 66" or "Old Route 66", etc....just not as much as the 66 researchers have dove in and found all the various alignments. Have a great time!

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:D Welcome to the wonderful sport of Geocaching! Today I was seeing my doctor and got talking about it to him and the nurses.... Doc said to wait while he went and wrote my perscription. When he came back he was excited to report that he was also logging into the geocaching web site. So, I expect from his enthusiasm I have encouraged another fine person to the sport my wife and I have fell in love with!


I invite anyone one to please contact me if in SW Wyoming if your going to be in our area! It would be my utmost pleasure to assist you in making your visit memorable and line you up on the best of the best caches that I know about. Next summer I have some really good ideas and plan to put together atleast one huge event with new caches, BBQ, and all sorts of fun activities with fellow cachers.

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