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  1. See the adorable schnoodle on the left... hence GeoSchnoodle :-) She is my caching partner. A dog is a great "cover" story for odd wanderings.
  2. Thanks. I did compare them on the Garmin site and I guess I did not read the brown shaded lines where they talk about the altimeter and compass. D'uh. Thanks Sputnik for the map clarification. I figured that a base map was not too detailed. I guess I need to work some more hours to afford an extra map program! I told myself I'd get a new one at 100 finds, but it may be more like 250 before I can afford one. The GPS12 works just fine. It would be nice to have longer waypoint names and more cache data right on the receiver. Santa....are you reading?<g>
  3. I am a newbie caching with an oooooooooold Garmin GPS12 that works just fine. Someday, I may want maps and WAAS. I have been reading this forum and the Garmin site. When you compare the Vista and Legend CX models to each other or the HCx models to each other, it is all the same except for price in the categories they have. Questions: 1. What is the real difference between a Legend and a Vista? 2. What does the "H" mean in the HCx models? 3. How close to the general area of a cache would the base map get you (in generally urban or suburban areas) Thanks in advance for your assistance
  4. Old units are definitely still viable. I cache with an 11 or 12 year old Garmin GPS12. I wouldn't go much older than that because then you start to get into the 8 channel GPSr's which would be a real challenge to use (there's a cache here that actually uses an old 8 channel unit). I use a PDA for the maps and the cache listings. van der Decken I thought I was the only one with a Garmin GPS12 :-) Even though it is ancient, it sure does the trick. I bought it for may dad years ago 'cuz he HAD to have it to mark his fishing spots. I found out he only tried it 1x and it had been sitting since, so I swiped it! I found the pc cable on eBay and all is well. I wonder what it would be like to have actual maps on the GPSr......
  5. I use a really old Garmin 12 that does not have maps. I load my waypoints and off I go! I use the maps on geocaching.com to find the streets I need before I go. I use GSAK to narrow my caches and then use my pocket pc to view the pages out in the field. Think of it as "old school" :-)
  6. <<and of course the Icon of geocaching.. a pile of neatly arranged parallel sticks. >> Love it! I am only in the 20s on finds and havemet many a parallel stick pile. Thanks for the laugh.
  7. Welcome from another newbie. My dog and I have found about 15 so far. It is addicting!
  8. Welcome from another newbie (plus dog). Best of luck on your maiden voyage ;-)
  9. Welcome from another newbie (plus dog). We have stuck close to home so far, or found caches in nearby areas that we are traveling to anyway. Have fun!
  10. Bienvenue. Je parle francais un peu. Votre anglais est tres bien! Bonne chance.
  11. Welcome. I'm a newbie too....working with an OLD Garmin 12 that still does the job. I cache with my lovely dog :-) I am looking forward to cooler fall temperatures and no more mosquitoes!!!!
  12. We got Otis a trackable geo-dog coin for caching/hiking. I am new to this. Maggie, my Schnoodle, caches with me. Are you allowed to post where you got the dog coin from? Otherwise can you please message me? Thanks, Maggie Mae's Mom :-)
  13. Welcome! I am new too. I usually cache w/ my dog, but today I took my hubby. I have only found 12 so far, but really enjoy it. Check out Premium membership for easier waypoint downloads and the ability to search and have a group of coordinates emailed to you (pocket query). It is a great value for $3 per month. Happy hunting!
  14. Have fun Up North (you forgot to capitalize it on your post <grin>). I cache with my dog too. Isn't she CUTE!! I have not used it yet, but as a premium member you can build "cache along a route" lists. Good luck from another Wisconsinite.
  15. I'm new to this amazing game as well. I was working on a multi yesterday and failed to correctly read the instruction for obtaining a number for the final coordinates....spent about 15 min @ the wrong place! I have the correct coordinates in the GPSr now and will look again. Hang in there and read more than 5 logs before you go :-)
  16. Nothing like some Irish punk like "Flogging Molly" to put you in a caching mooooood. Nature's most perfect soundtrack while on foot.
  17. I have GSAK on trial, but I have been loading the PQ data onto my Axim by putting the files in my sync folder.....is there another way?
  18. I guess I should not complain about WI mosquitoes.....
  19. Thanks everyone. I am still figuring this program out. Tomorrow is my day off, so hopefully I can read the how to pages again.
  20. Hi all, Any tips for a newbie regarding organizing gpx files on your handheld? I have a Dell Axim, and the files from my pocket queries are viewable, but because they come by #, it is hard to search through. Do most people only load one query on at a time? Do you change the file name to the name of the city/area prior to loading onto the pda? Thanks.
  21. When I was a Girl Scout in the 70s (actually I still am a GS leader) we would wash the affected skin area ASAP with Fels Naptha soap. Fels Naptha It is kinda like a laundry soap, but comes in a bar. I remember also using jewel weed Jewel Weed on the bumps. It grows near water like rivers and small streams. I agree that a visit to the doctor is a good idea. Good luck.
  22. When I am viewing a cache page on my Dell Axim using GPXSonar, I need to drag the stylus over where it says "highlight for hints" and there it is! Good luck.
  23. Do you have it on the mode to receive data? I have an old Garmin GPS 12, and I had to go into the SETUP menu and choose "interface" in order to receive data. Now sure how "modern" Garmins work, but that could be one thing to try.
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