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GPS Auto Tracking

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I was looking into putting a GPS tracking device on a car I own which is currently on loan to a family friend. Any one ever used one of these? And how good or bad are they?


Also, the lowest price one which I found was about $200 if any one has seen one for less please let me know.


That's a better price than I found when I was looking into such a thing.

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In my experience, loaning cars to family friends results in the loss of both the friend and the car.

Unless they're just family and then you loose the car but get to see the trashed POJ during every holiday. It's even better if you have to keep making payments and keep it insured after it's totaled (like one of my friends had to do).


This is somewhat rhetorical, but: Why loan your car to someone you feel you have to monitor?

I can answer the question with this question... Do you have teenagers? :D

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