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Editing Cache Description?

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Need some help please.....Have submitted my first cache and it's in review (so far, so good) However, I want to go back and modify the hint and some of the general description.


When I bring up the "Edit Listing" page and make the appropriate changes to existing text, I am unable to actually make the changes 'stick'. I don't see a "submit changes" option, but it must be there somewhere.


If I make the changes and navigate back to the listing, the changes don't show.


Or is it impossible to edit the above until the review is complete?


Sorry for what must be basic stuff, but it's making me crazy. :laughing:

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Yes - you should be able to edit it.


Be sure to click the 2 "I agree...." boxes toward the bottom before you re-submit.


But I seem to be not seeing the "submit" button? Where is that please?


I do see the "I agree...." boxes, just not the means to save the edits.


The submit button is at the very bottom of the page under the 2 agree buttons. Hope that helps. :laughing:

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It actually says"Edit Listing". I usually open two windows in Firefox, one with the cache page, and one with the edit page. After making a change, just switch to the cache page, and hit the refresh button. Lots faster.

Windows? Surely you mean Tabs. Multiple browser windows are sooooo 20th century.

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