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Don't You Just Hate It When.................

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My first cach got seriously muggled - and I don't just mean stolen.

I am particulary [edited by moderator] about this one because for starters it was my first cache and secondly it was put out to celebrate our family being complete having adopted our second child. Thirdly the cache was smashed up and a pathetic comment put in the log book [edited by moderator].

I know that there are loads of stupid morons and [edited by moderator] through out the world but it just annoys me. The box was marked for [edited by a different moderator] with a HUGE geocache sticker.



UK Cacher

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I feel your pain. However, you might want to edit your post as the moderators are not too partial to swearing.



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Carry on ...

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I've had some stolen, but earlier this summer some youngsters of middle school age really hammered one cache; they used the ammo can as a toilet, spread the contents over a 20 yard by 20 yard area, and filled the rite in the rain logbook with profanities. A kind neighbor who walks his dog in that park (and who's been with me as I've checked my caches while we've walked our dogs together) saw the mess, cleaned up the trash, returned the can to my driveway inside a garbage bag, and left the logbook in a baggie too. After being angry, I tried to look past the $30 worth of materials that they'd trashed, and realized the kids at least scooped their own mess (unlike many dog owners!). Still, it's quite irritating. Wonder how they'd feel if I trashed their yard?

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We just placed a cache about 2 weeks ago in prep for our event. It was listed, not published, as we were holding the publishing for just after the event. Two days after we placed it we went back to make sure our coordinates were dead on. The cache was ~poof~ gone. It was a "saw box" ammo can, filled with goodies and some new unactivated coins for FTF. We were upset for about mmmm 1 minute, shrugged it off and replaced the missing cache with a scuba tube. We use these losses (our 2nd) as a learning tool, perhaps the location was not a good place for a ammo can. Maybe some kids just wanted the "stuff".


I am sorry to hear that the cache you placed as a celebration for your recent adoption was muggled. I hope you try to place another one as a second attempt to celebrate. Please don't let others spoil your wonderful news of completing your family. Good luck. Great news too... a new child in the home... enjoy! :P

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I can definitely feel your pain. My son and I placed a cache for his 5th birthday. Ordered a party bag just for this and the log book was one of the invitations. It lasted for a few days. At least nobody just spread the contents all over the place. I was a little miffed but that's a risk all of us take.

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